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Drugs In Sports

No description

andrew turski

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Drugs In Sports

The Affects Of Drugs In Sports When you stop using steroids your muscles turn into fat and you get severe acne then after 6 weeks it starts to go away There are many types of steroids most of them can be detected on drug tests, but some can't be detected. Sometimes people will use a different method to enhance there performance in sporting events, they will take blood from there system then when they need it they will put it back into there system. it helps there blood flow faster and it gets there heart beating faster to give them adrenaline. Ben Johnson, an olympic competitor for Canada, won a gold medal and broke a world record in 1987 in the 100 meter sprint and later had it taken away and was disqualified after being tested positive for steroid/drug use.
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