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Cooking :)

This is my ERP! :D

Jacob A :P

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Cooking :)

Chef 1: Shane Delia
Name: Shane Delia
Gender: Male
Occupation: Chef
Cultural Background: Maltese
Born: 12 January, 1980
"As long as I have good food, family & friends to share it with, my life is complete - Shane Delia
Affiliation: Maha (Restaurant)

Shane Delia is an award winning Maltese chef. He runs a restaurant named "Maha" which is located at 21 Bond St, Melbourne Victoria. He is also a star of a SBS show called "Spice journey, an author of a cookbook, likes sport & is a charity ambassador.
Shane doesn't only love cooking, he also likes sport.
In the AFL he barracks for Western Bulldogs & in the A-League he barracks for Melbourne Heart. He is also
affiliated with both clubs to boost memberships & awareness.
Shane also stars in a show called "Shane Delia's Spice Journey" which is not the only show he has been in.
He has also been in Masterchef, Food Safari & Ready. Steady Cook. He has also been on the Circle & Mornings.

Hi my name is Jacob and I will be talking about cooking. I will be also talking about what cooking is & I will be giving you some information about some chefs that are have affected the Australian identity & how they have. I will also be giving you a full biography on them too. The cultures I have chosen to research on are Maltese, Italian, Greek & Aboriginal.
I Hope you enjoy my prezi! :D
What is cooking?
Cooking is the way we eat food. You also use heat to heat up the food so its right to eat. When you heat up egg & meat it becomes harder, but when you heat fruits and vegetables they become more mushy & soft.
One of the chefs I have researched on has his on cooking show & here is 31 seconds of it!
Chinese Food
A 12 year old named Alison Gold released a song named "Chinese Food" directed & written by Arks Music Factory. People say its worse then Rebecca Blacks "Friday".
Chef 2: Alessandro Pavoni
Name: Alessandro Pavoni
Gender: Male
Born: January 30, 1973
Occupation: Chef
Affiliation: Omeggio at the spit & Spiedo Restaurant & Bar
Interests: Cooking, Fitness
Cultural Background: Italian (Brescian)

Alessandro Pavoni is a Brescian chef (Brescia is a City in the north of Italy) that is passionate about cooking.
Alessandros first job was working at Carlo Magno in Brescia with the famous Giuseppe Maffaioli & Iginio Massari.
After working at a couple of Michelin star venues Alessandro broadened (which means becoming larger) his culinary working in a Island called Bermunda which is in the Capital of Hamilton at Restaurant Lido before going to live in Sydney, Australia Permanently in 2003. He got the job of the Executive Chef at Park Hyatt in 2005, having a good team of over 30 chefs. Soon after he realised the his dream job was opening his own restaurant which is now called "Omeggio at the spit in Mosman. It opened up in 2009. Only 9 Months after it was awarded Coveted Chef Hat in the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide, it also had 2 glasses awarded by Gourmet Traveller by its good & unique wine list & was also listed in Gourmet Travellers Top 100 in Australian restaurants :)
Alessandro lives on the Australian Sydney beachs with his wife, Anna.
Alessandro also suffered from 2 heart attacks & 4 cancer battles :(

Quick Fact
Did you know that there is such thing as bird's nest soup?? Its made out of their saliva and the nest they build too, yuck!
Teddy Bear :)
Learning Intention:
To develop an understanding of diverse cultural groups (including Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders) to the Australian identity (Civics & Citizenship)
Lets get to it! :D
Chef 3 : George calombaris
Quick fact:
did you know that the first mcdonalds that was made in australia was created in sydney, yagoona in 1971?
Alessandro pavoni
Name: George Calombaris
Gender: Male
Born: October 4, 1978
Occupation: Chef
Affiliation: Mama Baba, St Katherine's, P M 24, Hellenic Republic, The Press Club, Belvedere
Interests: Melbourne Victory, Carlton Football Club :D, Loves Tennis
Quote: Food is family, family is life, life is everything - George Calombaris
Cultural Background: Greek

George Calombaris is a greek and Australian chef. He is best known for his role as a judge on Network Ten series MasterChef Australia. As to his role on MasterChef he sometimes appeared on Ready, Steady, Cook! (Like Shane Delia)
George has a wife named Natalie Tricarico. They also have two children, ones a girl named Michaela & the other ones a boy named James. (Full Names: Michaela Calombaris & James George Calombaris) George studied and won an award at Box Hill Institute of TAFE in 465 Elgar road, Box Hill. George lives in Melbourne, Australia & Is aged 35.

Georges Calombaris owns 5 restaurants in Melbourne, they are:

The Press Club which was made in 2006
Hellenic Republic which was made in 2008
P M 24 which was made in 2010
St Katherine's which was made in 2011
Mama Baba which was also made in 2011
George Calombaris has won many awards such as:
Bonland National Apprentice of the Year Award - 1999
One of the Top 40 Chefs of Influence in the World - 2004
Age Good Food Guide 'Young Chef of the Year - 2004
Victorian Restaurant and Catering Awards The Press Club was named Best New Restaurant and nominated for Best New Restaurant in Australia - 2006
Age Good Food Guide - The Press Club was awarded 'Best New Restaurant - 2008 :D
Chef of the Year - 2008
E & Y 'Young Entrepreneur of the Year - Southern Region - 2011
George also owns owns a restaurant in Mykonos, Greece that is located in a hotel called " Belvedere".
The Restaurant is called "Mykonos Belvedere Dinner Resturant"
Chef 4: Mark Olive
Name: Mark Olive
Gender: Male
Occupation: Chef
Birth: 1962 (I was unable to find his birth date)
Cultural Background: Aboriginal

Mark Olive, also well know for "The Black Olive" is Australia's most well known indigenous chef. He has been cooking for well over 30 years & his creative style for food had elaborated him. Mark has cook immensely around Melbourne, Australia & around the world. He is frequently going to food events, Indigenous celebrations & showing Australia's special culinary. Marks family is from Wollongong, he became so interested in cooking because as a child he would watch his mum & Aunty's cook. After that they shifted to the Northern Rivers region in NSW.
Mark is also a host of cooking, lifestyle & travel shows & his own show called "The Outback Cafe" series which stars all over the world. Mark runs a Restaurant name "Black Olive" its at 150 Errol St, North Melbourne VIC.
Mark Olive
How have they affected the australian identity?
Other cultures have affected the Australian identity because the Australian identity has become into a multicultural identity, because without Maltese & Lebanese food, the restaurant Maha wouldn't be here. Most of our identity is brought up by other cultures like Italian & Spanish & a lot of our restaurants are like Maha as they have multiculturalism. So that's how I believe that the Australian identity has been affected :D
Does anyone have any kind, specific and helpful comments? :)
Thanks for watching! :)
They have affected the Australian Identity because the Australian Identity is now a multicultural identity. Most of people in Australia are brought by a cultural background. Sovulaki hut is a restaurant where they sale sovulaki (obviously) Souvlaki is greek which means that the restaurant is greek nationality. Most of the food we have in Australia is another cultural like you always see pasta at the shops (which is chinese). So that's how I think that the Australian Identity has been affected.
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