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Seniors 2017!

No description

Velma Lopez

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Seniors 2017!

Foundation HS Program W/Endorsement
- 4 credits in English, Math, Science, and History
- 1 credit in PE
- 1 credit in Fine Art
- 2 credits in a Foreign Language or computer programming Language
- .5 credit in Health
-.5 credit in Technology
- 5 electives/endorsement specific courses
Special Program Opportunities
The below programs require an additional application. Please pick up an application in the counseling center and return promptly
- Work Program- Must have a part time job, work 15 hrs a week, and maintain job throughout entire year! This class gives you 3 elective credits.
Professional Internship Program (PIP)- Students work on-site to gain experience in a career field or industry they are interested in. Internships include: hospitals, law offices, architecture firms, and many others!

More Special Programs
Education Internship- Want to be a teacher or a coach? Work at an elementary school for two periods learning how to teach!
Acceleration Opportunities
In order to qualify for acceleration courses you must have passed the TSI exam. If you did not pass it last year, you will need to re-take it.
Opportunity #1 Take college credit classes at Richland college in the morning, afternoon. Bus transportation may be provided. Course listings include English, Math, History, Foreign Languages, and much more! Must take two courses! DC courses also available in the summer!
Opportunity #2 BHS Campus :
Dual Credit courses will also be offered at BHS during the day. Full course list will be on application
** Get application from your counselor for these opportunities!

Things to Keep In Mind
You must sign up for 7 classes! NO EXCEPTIONS
Please review PREAP/AP Agreement. All the same RISD guidelines will apply .
Choose classes wisely as there will be NO SCHEDULE CHANGES
*If interested in a class, start now and ask teacher for additional info about course or check with friends!

Seniors 2018!
Opportunity #3

Take Dual Enrollment courses through UT Austin On Ramps Program. Courses will be held here at BHS. NO TSI score Required

Your counselors are on hand to guide you so ask them for help if needed!
Parent signature forms are due by February 26th in the counseling center! The earlier the better!
*Please get your coach/instructor to sign if you are in band/athletics/choir/orchestra/avid/etc.

Ready to Sign up for Classes?
What is your Endorsement?
- Arts and Humanities
- Business and Industry
-Public Services
- Multidisciplinary
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