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Abdur Rahman Bin Auf- Person Of Jannah

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Omar Hashmi

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Abdur Rahman Bin Auf- Person Of Jannah

Abdur Rahman Bin Auf was born 10 years after the year of the elephant.
Invited by Abu Bakr, he was one of the first eight to enter Islam. Abdur Rahman was of the group to migrate to Abyssinia under the King Negus
Abdur Rahman Bin Auf’s original name was Abdul Amr. He was related to Uthman Bin Affan and Saad Bin Abi Waqas. He married Uthman Bin Affan’s sister.
Abdur Rahman Bin Auf was a very rich man and a very well business man. When he entered Madina, he used his low resources and made high profits. It was a saying that if a brick were turned in his house there would be gold or silver.
Abdur Rahman bin Auf said, "When we came to Medina as emigrants, Allah's Apostle established a bond of brotherhood between me and Sad bin Ar-Rabi'. Sad bin Ar-Rabi' said (to me), 'I am the richest among the Ansar, so I will give you half of my wealth and you may look at my two wives and whichever of the two you may choose I will divorce her, and when she has completed the prescribed period (before marriage) you may marry her.' Abdur-Rahman replied, "I am not in need of all that. Is there any market-place where trade is practiced?' He replied, "The market of Qainuqa."
Abdur-Rahman went to that market the following day and brought some dried butter-milk (yogurt) and butter, and then he continued going there regularly. Few days later, 'AbdurRahman came having traces of yellow (scent) on his body. Allah's Apostle asked him whether he had got married. He replied in the affirmative.
The Prophet said, 'Whom have you married?' He replied, 'A woman from the Ansar.'
Then the Prophet asked, 'How much did you pay her?' He replied, '(I gave her) a gold piece equal in weigh to a date stone (or a date stone of gold)!
The Prophet said, 'Give a Walima (wedding banquet) even if with one sheep .' " Bukhari :: Book 3 :: Volume 34 :: Hadith 264
Abdur Rahman bin Awf
By Omar and Sindeed
Abdur Rahman Bin Auf
By: Sindeed And Omar

Person of Jannah

Abdur Rahman bin Auf was very generous. At the battle of Tabuk, when the Muslim army needed money, he donated 200 awqiyaa of gold. The Prophet asked, what he left for his family. He replied what Allah and His Messenger promised. He was also a man who sacrificed anything for Allah. When he died in 31 AH,Allah was pleased with him, and he was pleased with Allah
Person of Jannah
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