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No description

Elena Laviosa

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of OLIVER TWIST

He was born in Portsmouth in 1812 by John Dickens and Elizabeth Barrow.
His family moved to London in 1815.
In 1817 he moved back to Chatham, in Kent, where he received his early education.
In 1823 the Dickens family was forced to move again in Camden Town, one of the poorest neighborhoods in London.
Is known for his social novels and is considered one of the most important novelists of all times, and one of the most popular.

Dickens wrote what has become a classic of world literature ( Oliver Twist ) when he was twentyfive in 1837.

Oliver Twist was his second novel. It appeared in the first edition in a monthly magazine.

It is one of his most famous and influential novel.

It was the first novel in the English language to have a boy as the protagonist and is an early example of the social novel.
Mr Sowerberry
: First master of Oliver. Have an excellent opinion of Oliver unlike the wife that will force him to beat Oliver, causing his escape from home.

Jack Dawkins
: Makes known to Oliver Fagin and is nicknamed by his friends "the dodger".

Mrs Maylie
: Shows affection towards the poor Oliver.

: Half-brother of the protagonist, he pursued Oliver because he wants all to himself the legacy that his father left him.
we're going to introduce you to the most important characters
Oliver Twist
: Is the main protagonist. It's about his life from 9 to 12 years. In this period he has been abused by adults (for example, the thief Fagin, who exploits him) ...

: A man of about 70 years, stingy and greedy,he tried to teach Oliver how to pickpocket. He does not seem the Oliver's worst enemy, because he is not violent as Sikes.

Mr Brownlow
: Old man of high society that accomodated Oliver for a few days when he was sick.

she will be found to be Oliver's aunt from his mother's side.

Oliver is born in a workhouse in early 1800s. His mother dies after his birth and he is sent to a parish orphanage until he is eight.

After a brief unhappy period at Sowerberry’s as an apprentice, Oliver runs away to London.

Here he meets Jack Dawkins who offers to introduce him to a ”gentleman” who will give him a place to stay.

This “gentleman” (Fagin) runs a school for pickpockets, but Oliver is caught on is first attempt in the house of Mr Brownlow that takes him home and takes care of him.

A mysterious man named Monks wants Fagin to recapture Oliver so he entrustes Bill Sikes and his lover Nancy to capture Oliver.

Then Oliver is sent to rob a house but he is caught, he is accepted in the house he tried to rob and spends a wonderfull summer with Mrs Mailey and her adopted niece Rose.
The mysterious Monks, Oliver's halfbrother, persists in trying to capture Oliver because he wants a part of his heredity.

Finally all the truth is revealed,Oliver receives his heredity and is adopted by Mr. Brownlow.

Rose Maylie,adopted by the Maylies family,it turns out Oliver's aunt.
by Charles John Huffam Dickens

Movies Editions
Oliver Twist has been the subject of numerous film and television adaptations.

The most famous adaptation for the big screen are:
The Adventures of Oliver Twist by David Lean in 1948.
Oliver! by Carol Reed in 1968 (winner of 5 Oscars).
In 1988, the Walt Disney Pictures has produced an animated film based on the novel: Oliver & Company.
The eponymous film by Roman Polanski in 2005.

The novel has also provided the inspiration for a highly successful British musical, Oliver !.
Roman Polanski (2005)
David Lean (1948)
Carol Reed (1968)
Walt Disney Pictures (1988)
Main Themes
"Society and Class"
: is one of the central themes of most of Dickens’s novels. In Oliver Twist, Dickens spends a lot of narrative energy in depicting the plight of the poor and working class.

: The theme of "Poverty" is obviously related to the theme of "Society and Class." With Oliver Twist, he describes the conditions of the poor in all their misery with a gritty realism. Dickens uses a distant, journalistic tone when describing poor neighborhoods to add to the realism of Oliver Twist.

: Crime was a huge problem in London in the 1830s, when Dickens was writing. He wanted to show how criminals really lived, in order to discourage poor people from turning to crime. Criminality in Oliver Twist is not limited to the lower classes.

" Religion":
The Church of England is condemned in Oliver Twist for its cruel and inhumane policies towards the care of the poor, and there is little optimism in the novel for the implementation of a better system

As in previous books of Dickens, even in "Oliver Twist" there is a clear intention on the part of the writer to direct the reader's attention to important social issues that concerned the nineteenth century.
The reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901) is commonly defined as the Victorian age.

This period is remembered as complex and contradictory because :

England was a very rich powerful nation.However, there was a very big difference between the living conditions of the rich and poor.

There were positive and negative aspects:

-Positive aspects were:progress,stability,great social reforms and English colonial empire.
-Negative aspects were:poverty,injustice and social unrest,,but also child labor.

It was the first novel in the English language to have a boy as the protagonist and one of the first examples of the social novel.

The End
Work done by
Elena Laviosa and Sara Vezzoni

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