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David Uniapon

Aboriginal Assignment 2

Royce Meredith

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of David Uniapon

David Unaipon David was born on the 28th of September 1872 and died on the 7th of February 1967. He was from the Ngarrindjeri tribe which was close to the Murray river. David was a preacher,author,inventor and musician. 10 interesting facts about David Unaipon. (1)
On the fourth of January 1902 he married Katherine Carter, (nee sumner) a servant from the Tangani tribe that was close to the Coorong. (2)
In 1909 he invented a handpeice for shearing. (3)
During his time he was known as the "black genius" or the "Australian leonardo". (4)
Today his books are still being read , such as Hungarrda or Native legends (5)
David was the first aboriginal person in australia to publish a book. (6)
He spent alot of his life trying to find the secret of the perpetual motion wich is something that can run non-stop without assistance. (7)
He had noticed that the boomerang design is like a helicopter propeller. Wich he had discovered before the helicopters were invented. so i believe that without him we would not have helicopters today. (8)
David tried to get people to understand what the aboriginals were about and wanted them to remember there customs and beliefs. (9)
He never got remembered for his invention of the shearing tool or many other things, instead other people are getting paid for them. (10)
today sadly we simply know David unaipon as "the guy on the 50 dollar note". I think that the early aboriginals were great people because they survived on almost nothing when we now have water and electical supplies. David was a great and wise person and encouraged heaps of aboriginals. Bibliography
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