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Thursday 10.29.15

No description

Amy Swanson

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Thursday 10.29.15

Do Now
Copy the quote completely and accurately and then respond meaningfully.
Roots: Picto-Quiz
Conclusion Part 1:
First, restate your thesis IN NEW WORDS.

Be sure that you maintain the idea of your thesis but use new words to express it.
Why is this important?
The next part of your conclusion should be a statement that suggests why the thesis you've just rewritten is important, or valuable.
Conclusory statements:
1. Call to Action- this is a suggestion of an action the reader can take after reading your paper;
"Hopefully, readers will go out and share this information so that all people will have a better understanding of the true nature of Poe's demise."
Research Simulation: CONCLUSIONS
What should I do now?
1. Complete your outline, including the conclusion.
2. Using your outline, type a rough draft of your essay.
3. Format your essay by double spacing, changing the font to size 12 times new roman and putting your name in the upper left-hand corner.
4. Print your essay.
Thursday 10.29.15
"To love with the spirit is to pity, and he who pities most loves most."
-Miguel de Unamuno

Which word from this week's roots relates to each picture?
Let's talk about some ways to write a convincing conclusion.
Based on the evidence, Poe almost certainly died as a result of rabies; many argue he died as a result of alcohol but the evidence for this theory is weak and unconvincing.

Restatement for Conclusion:
Although many still believe that alcohol was the cause of Poe's death, the evidence doesn't support this conclusion. The evidence, instead, points to rabies as Poe's most likely cause of death.
Poe's reputation has been tarnished for years by the persistence of the theory that he killed himself through consumption of alcohol. It is important to have a clear and accurate view of the personal details of this famous, historical figure who has contributed so much to literature.
2. A Thought-provoking question- this is a question to leave your reader thinking about the information you've presented;
"The evidence clearly points to the solution of this long-time mystery. Still, one wonders: Would Poe have wanted the mystery to be solved?"
3. A Summative Statement- this is
a summary of what you've written
in your essay;
"Modern medical
advances as well as the attention
and consideration of many curious
people over the past 165 years
have helped to bring Poe's
mysterious death closer to resolution."
4. A Connection-- draw a connection between the main idea of your paper and something else in the world;
"This old and intriguing mystery has come much closer to a solution thanks to developments in our understanding of the human body. and the diseases that afflict it. Perhaps forensic and medical science could help to resolve other unsolved mysteries as well."
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