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Caribou Inuit

Carissa and Danielles social studies project!

Carissa Schroeder

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Caribou Inuit

Shelter The Caribou Inuit use igloos for shelter.

Igloo`s provide little light and the heat is only provided by the occupants.
They are made form blocks cut out of snow, with a special curved knife made out of ivory and caribou antlers. A sheet of ice (3-4 inches) was used as a window to provide light. This window was made from a lot of fresh water, but fresh water was hard to find. Clothing The Caribou inuit used animal hides to make clothes. They would use caribou hair because it is hollow. It traps the air and forms insulation. They also used seal skin. Most Inuit wore the same clothing. Long furry jackets, animal hide pants, and boots.These boots where called Mucklucks. For extra warmth they would wear socks made from grass.

To dry wet clothes they would sleep next to them. Their body heat would dry the clothes while the people were sleeping. Food The Inuit people specifically relied on Caribou herds. They would use spears, bows and arrows, and an inuksuit. Which is to direct the caribou to convenient ambush spots. In the winter they stored meat. They also ice fished and hunted musk-oxen in the winter. They ate most of their food frozen and raw. This was because they had to use small fire just outside of the igloo entrance. Caribou Inuit by Danielle Lee and Carissa Schroeder Transportation The caribou inuit had many ways of transportation.
Umiak- a larger version of the kayak that can carry more people.
Kayak- an inuit canoe consisting of a frame that is covered with skins except for a small opening in the centre.
Dog sleds- Dogs would pull people in the sleds for supplies. Social Structure The inuit weren`t very social. They didn`t have time to create many relationships with other groups because they were too focused on their own survival. However, they did manage to form some types of relationships. The inuit had trading partnerships, that were so important that they were expected to last a life time. They didn`t have complex social or political organizations because of the bitter cold. The basic social unit included a husband, a wife, and their two-three children. Although they had no political organization, they respected and honored their elders because of their wisdom. Ny useless people te the group were left behind. Ceremonies When it came to passing on stories, rituals, or history the inuit elders and parents would pass them on through song and dance. To tell these stories the inuit would trace back their ancestry thousands of years earlier. They would have ceremonies where they would wear amulets for good luck and to ward of the evil spirits. They would use inukshuks as landmarkings. Location The inuit are originally from the arctic. They would travel from place to place in the arctic for survival. Some would even travel as far as Hudson Bay.The harsh tempratures of the arctic would depend on where and when the inuit travelled. They would have to move periodically because of the amount of animals for food. Vocabulary Umiak-was used for transporting large amounts of people (large kayak)
Mucklucks- knee high boots coated on the inside for warmth.
Inukshuk-human figures serving as a landmark.
Sinew- connective tissue attached to muscles used for making tough cord for thread. Inuit Quote "A Long time ago, in the future. Let the children see our history, and maybe it will help to shape the future."
-Romeo Leblanc The End!! Thanks for watching!! This is a man building an igloo This is a typical Inuit outfit This is a herd of caribou running from their predator, the inuit. this is an inuit hunter getting ready to shoot his food Dog Sled This is a umiak A traditional Inuit Family An Inuit Family This is an Inukshuk This is an example of a map of the location of the Caribou Inuit Tribe http://www.searchquotes.com/search/Inuit/
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