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All about California

If you want to learn about California then look at this prezi!

coral olmo

on 15 June 2013

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Transcript of All about California

By:Coral Olmo
These are some facts about California.
The state capitol
Where is everything?
Sacramento is the capitol of California. A capitol is the city where government is based. Government officials work at the capitol.
The state motto
Eureka! (I have found it) The scientists say Eureka when they find gold in California.
The cities that are in California!
Los Angeles
The area
The area is 163,707 square miles! WOW!!!! That's pretty big. So 163,707 square miles is just California! That means California is bigger than most states.
The population
33,871,648 people live in California! Holy cow that is a lot of people! And plus children are born every second! So the population is rising while we talk. Isn't that amazing?
The main rivers and their length
Sacramento River,Colorado River,San Joaquin(wa-keem) River. The Sacramento river is 447 miles long! The Colorado river is 1,450 miles long. Last but not least the San Joaquin river is 366 miles long. Here's a picture of the Sacramento River.
San Diego
San Francisco
The plants and flowers
The California redwood tree became the state tree in 1937! And two kinds of redwood trees are state trees. California's state flower is the golden poppy. State government officials chose the golden poppy on April 6, 1903.
State Animal
The California grizzly bear became California's state animal in 1953. But grizzly bears do not live in California anymore. A farmer killed California's last known grizzly in 1922.
Here's a couple pictures! And a video.
California Golden poppies
Californian grizzly
California's state flag
California's state gemstone
State flag
Historic Bear Flag was first raised on June 14, 1846, at Sonoma by a group of American settlers revolting against the rule of Mexico. The original flag was painted by William Todd.
The Benitoite!
Benitoite (pronounced beh-nee-tow-ite) is California's state gemstone! The Benitoite was discovered 1906 by J.M Couch at the now well-known Benitoite Gem Mine in San Benito County.
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