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The soviet architecture of Baku

No description

Blaise Lefebvre

on 24 April 2016

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Transcript of The soviet architecture of Baku

National oil academy
Date: 1932
Architects : Sadig Dadashov et Mikail Huseynov
Palace of Press
Date: 1932
Architect : Semen Pen
Intourist Hotel
Date: 1934
Architect : Alexei Schusev
(former) Physiotherapy Institute

Architect : Gabriel Ter-Mikelov
(former) Kitchen-Factory of Bayil
Date : 1930
Architects : Sadig Dadashov et Mikail Huseynov
(former) School n°49 (Bayil)
Date: 1933
Architect : A.Ter-Saakov
(former) Bakery products facility
Date: 1930's

1. (former) Worker's Club in Black City
Date: 1928
Architect : Leon Vesnine
Fire station of Black City
Ministers Council and House of Soviets

Architects : Sadig Dadashov and Mikail Useynov
Residential building « Monolit »
Goverment house
Date: 1936 - 1952
Architects : L. Rudnev, V.Munts, K.Tkashenko
Nizami Museum of Azerbaijan literature
Date: 1940
Architects : Sadig Dadashov and Mikail Useynov
Museum Center
Date: 1960
Architect : G.Mejidov
Academy of Sciences

Architects: Sadig Dadashov and Mikail Useynov
Azerbaijan state library after M.F.Akhundov
Date: 1965
Architect : Mikail Useynov
Residential building of Scientists

Architects : Sadig Dadashov and Mikail Useynov
Tofig Bahramov Stadium

Architects : L. Gonsharovsky, O.Isayev et T.Sergeyev
Baku State Circus

Architects : E. Ismaylov and F. Leontieva
Sports and Concert Complex after H.Aliyev

Architects : T. Abdullayev, Yu. Kadymov and T. Khanlarov
Pearl cafe

Architects : V. Shul’gin and Designer N.Nikonov
Railway central station

Architects :Sh. Zeynalova and Yu. Kozlov
« Gülüstan » Palace

Architects : A. Amirkhanov and N. Hajibeyov

Architects : U. Revazov and P. Yarinovsky
Azerbaijan Republic Office of Public Prosecutor
Tv Tower
Modernist Architecture
Constructivist Architecture
Stalinist Architecture
The Soviet
Architecture of
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