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Roles of African Americans During the Civil War

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Alexis Roach

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Roles of African Americans During the Civil War

Roles of African Americans During the Civil War
In The North
In The South
Obviously there were African American soldiers in the Union army because they were free and they could volunteer. This was open to them from the start, where it wasn't in the South.
Some Slaves
There still was some slavery in the North, but definitely not as much as what was in the South.
Many other Jobs
Because it was the North, there were more free African-Americans, so they had more jobs. Pretty much any job that a white man could have so could a black man.
Obviously many of the African-Americans in the South were slaves. The majority of the population in the South was made up of slaves.
Many people don't realize that not only were African-Americans slaves during the Civil War but many of them fought on the side of the south.
Relief Roles
Many African Americans were given jobs such as Nurses, cooks, and many others.
Thank You
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