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Morgan & Green

No description

Alysa Green

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Morgan & Green

Kami & Alysa's
Climate Action Plan Thank you for watching! Introduction Role Play My name is Bailey Standhope and I am Regional, Economically oriented My Footprint score is: 2.2 I live in Brisbane, Australia. I live in a Mansion and I drive a Toyota Prius. I have a home theater system and I shop at the MegaMart/Mall. I also get my food from the Industrial Agribusiness. How will the decisions humans make today effect our world's tomorrow? I think that the earth is getting warmer because there are too many trees being cut down. Since there are less trees, there are less places for carbon to go, which makes the earth warmer. What is the big deal with carbon? All living things are made up of carbon. When plants take in CO2, the give out oxygen. When fossil fuels burn, you mostly get heat, water, and CO2. Carbon works to trap heat close to the earth. How does carbon get into living things? Plants take in CO2. They keep the carbon
and give away the oxygen.
Animals breathe in the oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. What is a greenhouse?
A greenhouse is made of glass. It traps the Sun's energy inside and keeps the plants warm, even in winter. How is Earth like a greenhouse? Earth's atmosphere does the same thing as the greenhouse. They trap in heat. Gases in the atmosphere such as carbon dioxide do what the roof of a greenhouse does.
Is it warm in here, or is it just me? It depends on what temperature your use to. Sometimes a certain temp. is warm but some people might think the opposite.
So what if Earth gets a tiny bit warmer?
It’s okay if the earth gets a little bit warmer. The problem is that global air temperatures near Earth's surface rose almost one and one-half degrees Fahrenheit in the last century. One and a half degrees might not seem like much, but when it’s the average of the whole earth, then it really matters.
Why is Earth getting warmer and what does carbon have to do with it?
When the temperature goes up, the CO2 in the air is also rising. Since carbon is a greenhouse gas and keeps the earth warm, when there is too much of it in the atmosphere, the atmosphere will get warmer. How do we know the climate is changing?
The climate goes up every year because of pollution. What is happening to the ocean? The ocean is getting polluted from all the carbon in the air. The ocean is great at taking in carbon, but since there is so much carbon in the air, the ocean is taking in more carbon, making it more acidic. How does the ocean soak up energy? How does the ocean soak up CO2? The ocean stores as much energy as Earth's atmosphere. So, when the temperature in the atmosphere gets warmer,the amount of energy in the ocean goes up with it. Ocean plants give out oxygen and take in CO2, just like regular plants. When the air reaches the water, the ocean soaks up the CO2. The ocean soaks up about one third of the CO2 humans make. How can we help? There are many simple ways we can help. For example, we can plant a tree. If enough people plant trees, over time there will be enough trees to very, very slowly make up for the trees cut down. People can also use more echo-friendly ways of electricity. You can use solar power for your lights an TV. Even the extremely simple things, like turning off lights when you leave the room, make a difference. Climate Time Machine Sea Level -Greenland's ice sheet is melting. Every partial that is melting can cause the sea level to rise up to 3 feet. If the whole thing melted, this would cause the sea to raise 16-23 feet, which would cover all of Miami, and New Orleans! What does carbon dioxide "parts per million" mean? And why is it important? Parts per million tells how many parts of carbon dioxide there are in one million parts of air. So, if carbon dioxide is at 388 parts per million (or ppm), that means in one million pounds of air there are 388 pounds of carbon dioxide. Over all, the earth is mostly healthy but we have to keep an eye on the level of parts per million. Planet Health Report Locating Place Latitude: 27.4 S
Longitude: 153.1 E Location: Australia, Queensland, Brisbane Population: 943,000 Years of Temperature data: 70 This is a picture of my house. The image I chose is a picture of the my house. Pollution in the water can make some of the animals die. This means that we will have less food to eat, since we eat mostly fish. As you can see, we have many plants in front of our house. We grow a lot of our own vegetables and fruits, so if there was a change in temperature we wouldn't be able to grow our food. Location Graph This graph shows the changes in climate over a 70 year time period. Independent Variable: Time Dependent Variable: Temperature The highs in this data probably happened because the trees were getting cut down and nobody was doing anything about it. The lows probably happened because there wasn't as much pollution in the air and the ocean was soaking up what there was. The trend in my data is that the temperature is rising. Carbon/Climate applet Ending CO2: 420 ppm
Temperature: The temp will raise about 2 and a half degrees. Modeling My choices might affect the temperature because since I have an older car, it burns gas quicker, releasing more carbon in the air. We have a home theater system, and that takes a lot of energy to use. Other scenarios The temperature will rise and CO2 levels will rise with it. Carbon Footprint Re-run Result- 4.7 Earths Solutions: Idea #1: I could travel less
Idea #2: use more Eco-friendly forms of electricity.
Idea 3#: I could buy less goods Bibliography/ Resource List http://www.earthday.org/footprint-calculator
http://climate.nasa.gov/kids/ The End!!!!!
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