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UAE before and after the discovery of oil

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Nashwa nasser

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of UAE before and after the discovery of oil

UAE before and after the discovery of oil
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Old Emirates
UAE human adaptation to local environment before the discovery of oil in which the characters and Muhanna variety appointed a living amid difficult circumstances.
We have prevailed among the members of society the values ​​of cohesion and solidarity and communication, until oil was discovered which resulted in social changes both positive and negative on the UAE society.
What the pros gained by the United Arab Emirates after the discovery of oil
Pros are the evolution of the UAE, rising per capita income, Trabott more between the people of the UAE current political scene in Tunisia dominated by confusion and ambiguity and uncertainty and lack of transparency as a result tugging parliamentary between parties and blurred vision of present and future rulers of neo who lack knowledge of the realities of the situation and lack the political experience on the groundand the wisdom of public affairs management and the ability to address the masses and convince them to manage the affairs of the country
United Arab Emirates before the advent of oil
It was a community of the UAE before the discovery of oil and the establishment of the state traditionally dominated society where production patterns that are linked to the environment prevailing geographic population relied on the sea in the seasons of diving and fishing trade and livelihood as well as some of the handwork and traditional crafts . In the oasis areas , there was a simple agricultural production , and in desert areas relied on grazing and animal products , and I 've had people living Emirates an interdependent dominated social life in terms of cooperation and solidarity the people of the neighborhood was one big family collaborate to provide basic services they need , such as building housing the industry small fishing boats or fishing nets, as they collaborate to ensure that families who miss breadwinner for a long time in search of livelihood , and shared each other in the delights and sorrows , departing from the tradition of the community and the teachings of Islam and its values ​​and spiritual civilization , which calls for cohesion and social solidarity.
United Arab Emirates after the discovery of oil
The United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) one of the major producers of oil and gas in the Gulf region and on Almistoyalaalmi , and play an important role in stabilizing the global oil markets balanced the positive Khalalldorha of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). And based Saashalamarat in the field of oil and energy in general on a core set of constants you on oil Tsgiraltheroh in the country to achieve comprehensive development in the state , which check last Khalalalsnoat and emerged clearly in the vast Renaissance achieved in the areas disagree . There is no doubt Onalmstqubl Orient , which is expected sector oil and gas industry in the UAE stems Osasamn great achievements that have been made during the period that followed the discovery of oil and Anteghwalta state moved rapidly to take its place among the most developed countries in the world. Has begun Olyamilit investigation and exploration for oil in the United Arab Emirates after the end of World War II, where oil was discovered in commercial quantities at the end of the fifties , and began production in Bdaahalstineyat where they were exported the first batch of crude oil in 1962 from fields Seariaaltabah of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi , followed by the 1963 Export the first shipments of wild fields . The Alinvtav and gas the most important element in the growth and development of the state since the establishment of the Union Emirati Fayalthani of December 1971 , and thus associated with the process and the evolution of the Union march and Ttoralbtrul , and it was for this link tremendous impact in advancing development in all Alqtaatalaguetsadah and social development.
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