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a death camp in hanover near north central germany

colin barragan

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Bergen-Belsen

Bergen-Belsen Bergen-Belsen Death Camp Near hanover germany during world war 2. The Nazis built the facility as a detention camp for jews. In 1944-1945 the camp's population soared Reasons for death typhoid disease an infectious often fatal febrile disease characterized by intestinal inflammation
starvation was a big part of Bergen- Belsen they were given very little food Colin,Nicolas,Aaron When? 1940-1945 liberated on april 15, 1945 by british troops, they found 60,000 starving prisoners and 10,000 un buried corpses infectious diseases of cruel living conditions People Involved Anne Frank and her sister Margot Frank died at Bergen-Belsen in 1945 camp built in 1940 something similar slavery is like Bergen-Belsen because they are being forced to do labor in cruel living conditions.
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