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Columbia Golf Foundation

No description

brittany cantino

on 6 July 2010

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Transcript of Columbia Golf Foundation

Columbia Golf Foundation
2010 A Presentation Created For The Columbia Golf Foundation (CGF) “A golfer's diet: live on greens as much as possible” Our Main Goals for CGF-
Communication: Help organize and create structure in the organization, including its members
Growth: Help the organization increase their number of volunteers, members and donations
Future: "Focus on the next step." Looking towards the future, help create new technological improvements
Executive Summary
Analysis of Clients Current Situation:
CGF is new to the area; created by local golf enthusiasts
CGF is concerned with youth growth through the game of golf
Raise money through events to fund a youth golf camp
Fairly well organized group
The group needs help with its publicity and in creating new avenues through which to solicit donations

Next.. Plan of Action: First plan- observe the organization; we want to know how the members work together
Second plan- conduct one-on-one interviews with different members
Third plan- conduct surveys with golf tournament participants
Detailed Steps of Proposed Actions-

Short-term Goals:
Convey direction of the organization through mission statement
Increase external communication (Website, Flyer, Brochure, Facebook, etc. Medium Goals:
Maximize cohesion of internal communication
Increase donations towards the organization (forming alliances with businesses and other not for profit groups)
Long-Term Goals:
Coordinate annual events (maybe more than one event per year)
Overall long-term goal is to increase awareness of CGF First Proposed Action Budget Figures for Proposed Actions... - Use a free website!! OR - Pay for a domain
name website Such as...
- Domainname.com ($29.95 annually, $149.75 for 5 years, $269.55 for 10 years

- Godaddy.com ($14.99 annunally)

- Mydomain.com ($9.75 annually) You may ask yourself, will a website benefit us? Of course; Potential solicitation for donations, ex: Pay Pal
Or try...
Flyers and Brochures are excellent ways to provide hands on information
Benefits: Easy to pass out, can update it regularly, and post around the community
FedEx fees: 500 flyers, $.59 per page, 5,000 flyers, $.49 per page; 500 Brochures, $1.23 per brochure, 5,000 Brochures, $1.03 per brochure

Our Proposed Mock-ups: The Columbia Golf Foundation (CGF) is a non-profit organization that is concerned with helping Columbia's youth grow strong in character and learn important emotional and cognitive values through the game of golf. The CGF was founded on July 21st, 2009
John Weston is the current president
Short-term goals: website, flyers, brochures, and a Facebook page
Medium goals: to maximize the cohesion of internal communication
and increase donations to the organizations
Long-term goal: create an annual event Conclusion:
Dedicated members who care strongly about their organization
Not afraid to work hard
Need to contiune external communication with the community
Hopefully our purposed plans will help the organization accomplish further goals in the future

Thanks! Second Proposed Action
Establish a variety of new marketing techniques that will increase the public’s awareness about the organization’s goals and missions
Third Proposed Action
Forming professional relationships with local business and nonprofit organizations who share common interests and goals of the organization would be extremely beneficial 1. Increase external communication
2. Convey the direction of the organization through a mission statement
3. Maximize internal communication
4. Increase donations
5. Coordinated a new annual event
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