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Fly Girl by Sherri L Smith≥÷

No description

Yuki Adams

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Fly Girl by Sherri L Smith≥÷

Fly Girl by Sherri L Smith
Fly Girl by Sherri L Smith
This is a book about a girl that passes for a white lady to be able to fly as WASP.
This book is about how gender or race doesn't change the ability of someone.
Ida Mae first thinks that everyone in war is appreciated, and there isn't any discrimination, but she learns that that's not always the case.

Before, Ida Mae thought that people would put her in planes right away, or at least hear her out, but after she saw a black woman get immediately rejected, she made the hard decision to "pass" as a white person.".. that shes been turned away because of that deep brown skin. " "I wish Jolene was here. But she's not. I guess that's what it means to pass for white- suddenly, you're all alone." pg 44. These quotes show that she had seen the woman get rejected, and that if she wanted a chance to be a WASP, she would have to pass.
When she gets used as a pawn or a moving target, she realizes her actual worth, and that there is discrimination, even though she's a better pilot than some of the flyboys. "You know what I mean. My mama's back home right now saving up bacon fat and counting ration stamps so her family can live another day. My girlfriend Jolene works her fingers to the bone cleaning houses so one day she can wear a proper dress at her wedding. My mama gave up her son to fight the war. And let her only daghter go, too. And your mother, too, Loly. That's a sacrifice that gets no reward. So why should we be any different? We're WASP, not military, not soldiers. They won't let us be. But you heard Griffith the same as I did. He thinkgs the B-29's gonna end this war. And that's all the reward either one of us will ever get. It's all the reward we need." pg 224. This shows that yes there's so many more sacrifices made that go under the radar and are unrecognized by many people. WASP fly unsteady planes and are used for targets everyday, and still get looked at badly, and are thought to be incapable, they are actually amazing pilots.
Even after she learns that her and Lily flying the B-29 will probably be forgotten, she keeps going, and decides that she needs to stand up for what she really is. "I don't feel Negro any more than I feel white. I'm just me. Ida Mae Jones, and I'm blue. Santiago blue." pg 267. This shows that Ida Mae doesn't approve of people being turned down for their race, and she doesn't want to be ashamed of it. I think her writing letters is her showing that she doesn't want people to like her for something she isn't.
Ida Mae first thinks that everyone in war is recognized, and there isn't any discrimination, but she learns that that's not always the case.
I think this book is similar to
The Gadget,
where the boy gets tricked into thinking something, when its actually only the half truth. In the Gadget, the boy helps his friend, who turns out to be a spy, and in Fly Girl, at first Ida thinks she'll be flying in the actual war, when she'll actually just be a moving target and will occasionally ferry things.
Barefoot Gen
the bomb that is dropped is the plane that Ida and Lily had tested. I think that Ida and Lily wouldn't know how big of a deal that their plane and the flight they made would be. Although, I don't know if they still would've flown the plane or not.

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