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World History 7.03 Between The Fire

No description

Pierre Johnson

on 2 August 2013

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Transcript of World History 7.03 Between The Fire

Promised more jobs, financial opportunities, and better circumstances
Stabilized Spain's Economy
Believed strong nationalism led to fascism
Adolf Hitler
Francisco Franco
Women do not work. They concentrate on the upkeep of the household and take care of the children
Made foreign investments
Goals and Objectives

Wanted Jews and Non-German citizens to be stripped of their rights.
Protect Spain from liberal encroachment by using the powers of the army
Wanted land to have justice
Supported by working class, nationalists, militarists, unemployed, anti-Semites, anti-communists

Wanted to wage war against Great Britain
Supported by nationalists, militarist, landowners, and anti-communists.

Refused to fight against the British alongside with Hitler because he feared they would lose
Supported by similar groups
Adolf Hitler
Francisco Franco
Adolf Hitler
Francisco Franco
Franco and Hitler were very close allies. Hitler played in a huge role in the Franco's rise to power. Since they were very close allies they had similariteis and differences but had a similar vision. In the diagrams it shows these details. Hitler and Franco both believed in fascism. Fascism is an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization. Together Hitler and Franco fought many wars together and strived to be the most powerful figure in their nations.

Like I said before in the previous paragraph Hitler helped Franco rise to power. During the Spanish Civil War Hitler and Mussolini provided support to General Franco which helped him gain control over spain. How did Hitler rise to power you ask? Well the Hitler rose to power was that he first started as being the leader of a small political party called the German Worker's Party. As the party grew he changed the name to the Nazi Party. He suceeded by persuading congress to allow the name change. Sonn he was elected and started to 3rd Reich
7.03 Between The Fire
By: Rufus Johnson
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