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No description

issabelly montaño

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of BEOWULF

Grendel, the spiller of blood
The revenge
The final battle
The most important Old English poem and perhaps the most significant of the
Anglo-Saxon period.
Beowulf arrived with the king Hrothgar saying that he will confont to Grendel, the king accepted because the warrior had a large repertoire of feats.
The same night that Beowulf came Grendel was ready to attack.
As everyday Hrothgar low of his room to gather in the hall of Herot, Wulfgar, his herald, told him that the warriors were disappearing and nobody knew the reason.
For 12 years Grendel and his story spread through foreign lands
That's how the Goths knew about the ogre, so Beowulf was the first to hear it and decided to travel to Denmark
Grendel entered on the Herot and took to Beowulf with his claws, just felt the touch he launched the attack and caught him with his arm strength and fought a lot of time , he uproot Grendel´s arm.
And the ogre injured fled to his hideout and he died to blood loss
With the great defeat of Grendel in the Herot there was a big party.
At nightfall when everyone was asleep Grendel's mother, a nasty ogre, was ready to avenge the death of his son.
The Ogre ran away the castle, Beowulf and his men went to look for her ,after walking they found a lake where Beowulf descended to look for her.
At that party the king give Beowulf gifts as gratitude of his feat.
All were shocked and happy but nobody remembered that was left over another ogre.

So there was a figth between the ogre and gentlemen, and she killed Esker, the greatest warrior of Hrothgar.
On the descent she had to fights with marine animals found in its path, a long time to search and tired for the fight against the beasts was unconscious and when he woke up , he was in the
cave of the The Ogre.
Inside the cave Beowulf fought against the monster using a heavy blade that was there, took a deep breath and went against it with all his might and the The Ogre fell injured.
he stayed by his side until he stopped to breath.
Beowulf began to explore deep inside the cave and found the body of Grendel, I cut his head with the sword and so went to the surface.
Arriving at Heorot, Beowulf gave the sword to the king as a sign that the monster never wouldnt bother them any more and Grendel's mother was dead.
So the Goths returned to their country, Beowulf became on a hero and ascended the throne by the death of Hygelac.
Had passed 50 winters until in the court of Beowulf arrived a man who was not well seen trying to agree with his lord, he gift him a golden cup.
he was interrogated confessed that he had stolen from a cave guarded by a dragon.
Beowulf noticed that the dragon is looking for the thief and decided to confront him with 12 men and the thief went to the place.
Beowulf requested Wiglaf to bring him all the gold in the cave, and said,

"This is what you earn for my warriors, the inheritance of Beowulf that will serve you for happiness ... to me built a gravestone that has the name of "Beowulf mount" ... "

So the spirit of the hero flew to Waelhalla.
They came to the cave of the dragon and Beowulf began a battle , which was blinded by the fire, while fighting his faithful squire, Wiglaf, began to call others arrived in help.
Beowulf with his last effort cut the head of the dragon but also he was too hurt and it was too late to save him..
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