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A Career in Health

No description

Michele Hehe

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of A Career in Health

Bachelor's Degree in Science (B.S)
Master's Degree
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
- dissertation
Writing Skills

Published papers are strongly recommended!
Being a Research Scientist...
How about Allied Health?
What to do with the degree?

A Career in Health
Raymond Zou, Michele Zou, Xiao Wen Ren, Steffon Williams, Xin Lin, Stacy James
What about Public Health?
Want to speed up the process?
MD/MPH Program - SUNY Downstate
in 3 summers...

in 1 year...



Molecular & Cellular Biology
Downstate offers Ph.D in...
Biomedical Engineering
Neural & Behaviorial Science
Master of Public Health
- baccalaureate degree

- GPA > 3.0

- Personal Statement

- Essay

- Letters of Recommendation

- Graduate Entrance Exam
(GRE, MCAT, GMAT, DAT, etc.)
42 credits
- core courses (15)
- intended major (12)
- electives (12)
- field experience (1)
- culminating experience (2)
Core Courses:
Doctor of Public Health
- Master's Degree

- GPA > 3.5

- Personal Statement

- Letters of Recommendation

- Entrance Exam

- On-site Interview

- Licensure
Course Work:
45 credits
- course work (30)
- field experience (13)
- dissertation (12)
Master of Science in
Public Health
Doctor of Health Science
Doctor of Philosophy
Advanced Certificate in Public Health
allows students of all ages to gain knowledge and skill in Public Health
15 credit - 5 courses taken by matriculated MPH degree program
SUNY Downstate Requirements
- letter of recommendation
- undergraduate and graduate GPA
- personal experiences
Summer - 2/15
Fall - 4/15
$33,500 - $165,000
*salary varies depending on specialization*
Physician Assistant
EKG Technician
Dental Hygienist
Cardiovascular Technologist
Respiratory Therapist
Radiation Therapist
Health & Safety Specialist
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Being a Nurse...




Obstetrics & Gynecology
Specialties Work Place

Doctor's Offices/Clinics

Medical Labs

Nursing Care Facilities

Rehabilitation Centers
What does SUNY Downstate offer?
Registered Nurse

Nurse Practitioner (NP)

Certified Nurse Midwife (CNMs)

Nurse Anesthetist (CRNAs)

Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
Nursing Diploma/Associate Degree (ADN) - 3 yrs

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) - 4 yrs

Accelerated Nursing Program - BSN + 15 months

Accelerated Masters Degree - BSN + 3 yrs

Nurse Practitioner - 6 to 8 yrs

Certified Nurse Midwife - 6 to 10 yrs

Nurse Anesthetist - 6 to 7 yrs

Clinical Nurse Specialist - 6 to 10 yrs
How long will it take??
Nursing RN-BS Program
Minimum 60 credits with GPA > 2.7 (grade C or better)
Associate Degree in Nursing with RN License
Accelerated BS in Nursing
Bachelor Degree with GPA > 3.0 (grade C or better)
Required Examination TEAS-V (Math 75% Reading 70%)
Nurse Anesthesia Program
Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing

NYS R.N. License


Minimum of 1 yr Clinical Experience

GPA > 3.0

Grade B or better in:
Statistics, Nursing Research,
Undergraduate Health/Physical Assessment Skill
Two yrs of current Critical Care Experience
- Surgical, Medical, or Cardio Thoracic
+ Neonatal, Pediatric, Coronary Care Unit, Neurosurgical

CCRN certification + BLS, ACLS, PALS

Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing

NYS R.N License


GPA > 3.3

Grade B or better
- Statistics, Nursing Research, Undergraduate Health/Physical Assessment Skill
RN $55,319 to $82,178
Avg: $68,625
NM $93,236 to $131,288
Avg: $111,402
CRNAs $166,095 to $222,948
Avg: $192,868
FNP $97,208 to $131,773
Avg: $113,075
CNS $92,738 to $131,320
Avg: $112,690
Physician Assistant
60 semester credits
GPA > 2.95
Health Related Experience - min. 225 hrs
Community Service - min. 150 hrs
Letters of Recommendation

Grade C+ or better in:
Physical Therapy
80 semester credits
at least 9 semester cred. at Jr/Sr level
GPA > 3.0
Graduate Records Examination (GRE)
Clinical PT Experience - min. 50 hrs
Letters of Recommendation

Grade C or better in:
Occupational Therapy
Baccalaureate degree
Clinical OT Experiences preferred
Interactive classroom and extracurricular activities preferred

Grade C or better in:
Diagnostic Medical Imaging
60 semester credits
GPA > 3.0

Grade C or better in:
Medical Informatics
Baccalaureate degree
GPA > 3.0

Grade C or better in:
Masters degree in related field
GPA > 3.0

Grade C or better in:
Master of Science
Master of Science Completion
Baccalaureate degree in any discipline

Graduate of accredited midwifery education program

GPA > 3.0
What about the salary?
What about the salary?
What about the salary?
What about the salary?
What about the salary?
What about the salary?
What happens after Med School?
Residency (3 to 7 yrs)

Fellowship (for specific specialties)


Re-certification Exam (every 7 to 10 yrs)
After Medical School...
What about admissions to SUNY Downstate?
Admission into a Medical School!

Bachelor degree in any field with completed Science courses

Have a competitive MCAT score & high GPA (science and overall)

Research Internships/Shadow Experiences not required but a plus!
I want to be a DOCTOR!
90 semester credits - preference given to applicant with Bachelor's degree

AMCAS Application + $80 fee
SUNY Downstate Secondary Application

Letters of Recommendation

Internal Medicine Specialist
Primary Care Doctor

3 yr Residency

Typically treats adults, some adolescents, and elderly
$155,060 - $246,806
Median: $194,844
$290,951 - $552,764
Median: $408,409
General Surgery Specialist
Surgical procedures related to the abdominal contents, thyroid gland, skin diseases, breast, soft tissues, and hernias

5 yr Residency
$215,986 - $399,953
Median: $301,438
Emergency Medicine Specialist
Encompasses a large amount of general medicine but involves the technical and cognitive aspects of virtually all fiends of medicine and surgery

4 yr Residency
$261,195 - $433,698
Median: $349,692
Anesthesiology Specialist
Specializes in perioperative care, development of an anesthetic plan, and the administration of anesthetics

4 yr Residency
For more information, visit
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