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About Me!

No description

Jordan Ed

on 29 January 2018

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Transcript of About Me!

About Me!
My name is Jordan Edwards
I am in 9th Grade
Plans this year
I am currently playing soccer, and i plan to play basketball and baseball along with skiing in my free time in the winter
Also a member of NJHS

I also would like to make an effort to join FBLA
This Summer
This summer ...
-I went to Koubek Camp in Brant Lake where I played basketball for a week
-I also went on the lake with friends
- Went hiking
- And I mowed lawns for my parents and grandparents to earn money because i didn't have a job

10 years from now
In 10 years I hope to be living in Charlotte working as an architectural engineer.
A goal of mine would be to graduate college somewhere away from home just to have a feel for different places in the country.
One thing people don't know
One thing i like to keep to myself is the poor relationship i have with my step-dad at times
It doesn't affect my life to much but when it comes to making my own decisions he seems to step in and override things alot.
-My parents are divorced and i split time between them
-With my mom i live with her, my stepdad(Randy), and my little brother Pason
-With my dad i live with him and his girlfriend
- I have no pets
Interests of Cfm
-Im most interested in many life skills I will gain by joining this class

-Such as people skills and communication skills
About Me
Intro to Business Project
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