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Senior Project Presentation

No description

Connor Schmidt

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Senior Project Presentation

The "E" Word The Idea What would my project be Obstacles Growth Who helped Project-Paper Connection My interest in economics

Want to help people

Interest in writing a book A book for teenagers But... that would bore them
An "economics for dumbies" / survival guide! Dr. Reshefski
Mr. Ken Britsh Maturation

Learned how to make my
writing more concise

Tie through the massive academic and legal mess that is the economy
Trouble bringing it down
Losing interest
Paper Thesis . Although the bailouts of the auto and banking industries and the stimulus are heralded as the savior of our economy, in times of distress America should not shun the Constitution nor rely on the government to enact policies which contradict precedent set forth by the Supreme Court, but rather rely on what we know stimulates the economy: decreased regulation, government spending, and taxes.
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