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P3: Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation.

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James Sawyer

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of P3: Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation.

P3: Describe the main physical and technological resources required in the operation of a selected organisation.
As it is a factory, Morgan Motor Company have a lot of machinery all around the factory to help manufacture the products that they create. There would be machinery to help get the products from storage, as shown in the diagram near the bottom right hand side of this bubble, as you can see above that image is an image of the machinery used to help build the frame of the car along with the equipment to keep the frame standing. Morgan will need to make sure that they abide by the health and safety laws and provide their employees with safety equipment as some of the equipment and machinery may be hazardous to health.
Ergonomics also comes into action at Morgan because all of the work stations being close together and the employees being able to access what they need in a little area.
IT Equipment
Buildings and Facilities
At Morgan Motor Company, there buildings are all in a small area so that it is easy to transport the cars that they are building around the factory. A lot of the buildings have been there for a long time due to the company being established in 1909. They have maintained the building well due to the amount of people that work there compared to other car factories which are mainly populated by machinery that make the cars. Morgan also make sure that they secure the business well by placing alarms around the building, they would also lock up the factory at night so no one could get in and take anything.
Stock is required by Morgan Motor company so that they can actually make the products that they will then sell, they keep this stock in selected storage units each for different parts in different areas of the factory. There would be the stock for the frames and basic build of the car in the section at the start, then there would be the areas where the stock of wood would be kept. There would also be areas where the screws and bolts would be kept, as shown in the pictures either side of this text, they would also be in separate sections within this storage to make it easier to filter through and find the stock that you need.
Intellectual Property
Intellectual property (IP) is something that has been created, not just an idea; it has to be physically created. For example, an idea for a new building is not an intellectual property but the blueprints or the actual materials used are. There are four main types of IP, these are; the brand name or the product names as they are created and used for other people to see making them IP, the inventions that you create are IP because they are physical creations (inventions does not include ideas for inventions), IP also protects the designs of products created so that they cannot be copied by other companies and finally, IP protects against things you right, things you produce and things that you make. When you do any of the above, such as create a product or design, they get automatic protection from others copying them or stealing the ideas and if they do not then you can register them. The only way that anyone else could have your idea is if they actually bought the idea off of you.
Management of Waste
Software Licenses
Patents and copyrights
At Morgan Motor Company they use a variety of different software such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) for their 3D design which they use to aid their designing of the cars they manufacture. They must have licenses for all of the software that they use so that they can actually use the products/ideas that they create using them, if they do not have licenses then they will be breaking the law and there would a lot of problems.
Morgan Motor Company will need to make sure that they have the latest IT Equipment in order to manufacturer there cars to the best of their ability. The use of IT equipment can save the company a lot of time and also money as they will only have to pay for the machine with a single starting cost and then possibly costs of repairs, this would save a lot of money compared to having to pay for machines that need to be controlled 100% by employers which will require a wage.
The company can use the IT equipment for more than just machinery to e used with the cars, they can use IT to measure attendance of the employees and also the achievements of the employees that work at Morgan.
Morgan need to make sure that they manage their waste properly making sure they recycle as many unused materials as they can as they will have a lot of spare wood and aluminum. To make sure that manage their waste in the best way possible, they place recycle bins for aluminum and wood all around the factory in the areas of the factory that use these materials. Managing their waste properly and successfully, they can build up a good name and reputation for themselves.
Morgan Motor Company will need to make sure that they do not use Copyrighted materials without the owners permission or else they will be fined or worse.
Copyright protects materials like ideas, designs, films they may use, web design and many more from others without authorisation using them.
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