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Marie Antoinette

No description

Makayla Naylor

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Marie Antoinette

Makayla Naylor Marie Antoinette Early Life: Marriage to Louis Auguste: A Few Reasons The People Hated Her: Queenship During the Revolution: Simple Facts: Fun Facts: Marie Antoinette had a simple and carefree childhood.
She learned to play the harpischord, spinet, clariehord, and harp.
She excelled at dancing and was trained in it since youth.
She had a poor education and had a lack of willingness to contribute to her studies.
She was sometimes neglected by her mother and later described the relationship as one of awe-inspired fear. The events leading up to the proposal began when Marie's father died from a stroke in 1765.
This left her mother to co-rule with their eldest son.
Marriage arrangements had already been made by several of Marie's sisters by this point.
The purpose of these arrangements was to create various alliances for the Seven Years' War. Marie was Austrian. The Austrians and the French were enemies before the Seven Years' War, where they organized a peace treaty--hence the marriage between Marie and Louis.
She bankrupt the kingdom from her excessive shopping and gambling.
She gave positions of high power to people who weren't qualified.
She removed people from their rank because of personal opinions. Marie was born in Vienna, Austria on November 2, 1755.
She was the daughter of Frances I, Holy Roman Emperor and Empress Maria Theresa of Austria.
Baptized as Maria Antonia Josepha Johanna.
Born as an Archduchess of Austria.
She was 15th of 16 children and the 8th and youngest daughter.
She was called Antonia by her family.
At birth she was described as "a small but completely healthy Archduchess."
She was described as delicately beautiful, with grey-blue eyes and ash blonde hair. Marie was not crowned alongside Louis, but merely accompanied him during the coronation ceremony.
Her daughter Marie Therese was the only member of their family to outlive the French Revolution.
Marie did give money to the poor, but because of her heavy spending and other flaws, this is often overlooked.
Unlike Louis, who was taken to the guillotine in a carriage, Marie was taken in a open cart just like any other criminal.
Her tastes in clothing set fashion trends for Europe.
Marie and Louis had very different personalities. While he was shy and reserved, Marie was vivacious and bold.
When she was told the people did not have bread to eat she simply responded by saying, "If the people cannot have bread, let them eat cake." People now refer to this as her motto.
She took the throne at age 19.
She was the last queen to rule over France. A smallpox outbreak hit the family in 1776. Everyone who was not already immune was infected and some of Marie's siblings died while others suffered the effects for the rest of their lives.
This left Marie, 12, the only potential bride for Louis Auguste, 14.
When Marie traveled to France she was escorted by 57 carriages, 117 footmen, and 376 horses.
On April 19 at the age of 14, Marie was married by proxy.
The ceremonial wedding took place on May 16,1770. Queenship Before The Revulution: Louis was crowned King Louis XVI of France on June 11, 1775 after his father's death.
Marie did not have any official duties as queen and spent a lot of time socializing.
Many rumors were created that made fun of her outlandish behavior.
She was criticized because of her excessive and extravagant spending and inability to produce and heir--mainly the king's fault.
Eventually she ended up having four kids: Marie Therese, Louis Joseph, Louis Charles, and Sophie.
After a few years, the king wanted to start tax reforms. The Third Estate created the National Assembly in which French citizens were in control.
The people began to feel that the royal family was against them and more nasty press was spread; the queen their main target. In 1789 a mob of women attacked and dragged the royal family to the city center and imprisioned them at Tuileries.
The family able to flee in 1791.
Marie was seen as a national traitor. After returning to the City of Paris, Louis took his place on the throne again.
This did not please the Revolutionaries.
After many more troubling events, the family was once taken captive.
Louis was put on trial for treason against the people and was executed in 1793.
Marie was accused of incest and was on trial.
The jury, who determined her fate, was all male.
She was beheaded on October 16, 1793 at the age of 28. * Teaser: What was 1 nickname given to Marie Antoinette? Question 1: Name at least 2 instruments that Marie learned to play. Answer: Harpsichord, spinet, clavichord, or harp. Question 2: How old was Marie when she married Louis XVI? Answer: 14 Question 3: 57 what escorted Marie to France? Answer: Carriages
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