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Loot By: Jude Watson

No description

Elias Teo

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Loot By: Jude Watson

Main Characters
The plot is Alfie McQuin dies in the beginning of the story and manages to say two words which are "Find Jewels" and his son ( March ) soon realizes he doesn't mean Jewels but he means his sister Jules.
When March finds Jules they find out why they were seperated when they were little it was a curse that was going to kill them at midnight when they turn 13.
Plot ( part 2 )
I think the climax is when they steal the 6th moonstone because when they do steal it everyone is looking for them and the 7th moonstone is the hardest one to get.
Identifying the climax
Genre of the book
The two main characters in the story are March and Jules McQuin.
The conflict in the story is that March and Jules meed to find and steal 7 moonstones due to a curse that was set on them and it is going to kill them at age 13 at midnight unless they get all of them and it is and external conflict.
The Genre is Adventure due to all the traveling to New York and the Various cities in Europe.
Loot has a lot of settings they travel to New York City and a lot of different places in Europe and the time is throughout the whole day.
Mandy Sue Miller: Mandy Sue Miller was Short and Peppy, with a steady hum of irritability.
Other central characters
They realize that they needed to steal 7 moonstones before they're 13 at midnight or they will die due to a curse on them ever since they were young but they are also going to need some help.
Plot ( part 3 )
Loot By: Jude Watson
By: Elias Teo

Time and place
March was his dads ( Alfred McQuin ) quiet associate who always helped him but was never seen doing it.
Jules on the other hand was seperated from her brother ( March ) due to a curse on both of them so she grew up and she was with a circus until they kicked her out.
Pete Campos: Pete Campos was tall and restless.
Darius Fray: Darius was a six -foot tower of muscle topped with shoulder-length dreads. He had feet like canoes and hands like Easter hams.
Izzy: Was the hacker and doesn't like to talk unless she had something to say.
About the Author
Jude Watson is the author of " Loot " she has written a book called " 39 clues: Beyond The Grave " and the series of 39 clues. She was born in Brooklyn, New York City and she won the annual National Book Award for young people's literature in 2008.
I would recommend you read this book it is very entertaining and suspenseful and there are some surprises you didn't expect would happen and of all people I recommend this book to middle school students.
Other Antagonist's
One other main antagonist is a man who's name is Oscar and he means business and he is really strong and scary and he has most of the moonstones March and Jules need in order for them to survive.
Other Antagonist part 2
Another antagonist is Mike Shannon who is like Oscar's special type of body guard who is just as bad as Oscar but this guy is relentless and will do anything to keep the moonstones in their possession.
Conflict part 2
They are being chased by Oscar and Mike Shannon and also the police while they are stealing the moonstones so they have to lay low for most of the book but most of the time they can't lay low.
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