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The Effect of Television on Indian Society

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Brandy Guerrettaz

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The Effect of Television on Indian Society

Presented by:
Brandy D. Guerrettaz The Effects of Television
On India's Society Television opens Indian Society to
new information that expands individual's
knowledge base.

This can improve several aspects of life:
Education, Health, Family Planning,
Literacy, Agricultural Development, Women's Status within Society Premise Television was introduced in 1959. Introduction into Society In 1990, fictional based programs
were introduced Helps to Liberate Women:
Improve Status
Make Women More Aware of Rights
Creates Role Models
Makes Beating Wives Less Acceptable
Less Likely to Express Preference for Sons
Increased Autonomy
Lower Fertility
Increased School Enrollment Positive Effects Help Eliminate These Types of Discrimination against Women:
Sex Selective Abortions
Poor Nutrition
Poor Medical Care & Vaccinations
Lack of Education
Women are Second Class Citizens
Population is Male Biased
Not included in Decision Making Processes
Physically Abusive Relationships Importance of
Changing Gender Status Women should be allowed
equal rights in society

Including but not limited to:
Safe Home Environments
Adequate Medical Care
Better Treatment
The right to autonomy Personal Input How could this technology be
better utilized?

Is everyone provided cable access?

What are some of the factors controlling cable access? Discussion Feel free to ask or discuss! Questions? Brown, J. W. and Singhal, A., 1990, Ethical Dilemmas of Prosocial Television, Communication Quarterly: v. 38, p. 268-280

Jensen, R. and Oster, E., 2009, The Power of TV: Cable Television and Women's Status in India, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, v. 124, p. 1057-1094

Malhotra, S. and Rogers, E.M., 2000, Satellite Television and the New Indian Woman, International Communication Gazette: v.62, p. 407-429.

Johnson, K., 2001, Media and Social Change: The Modernizing Influences of Television in Rural India, Media Culture Society: v. 23, p. 147-169 References There were also other aspects to the Introduction of Television into Indian Society

The things that were necessary to live before Television were considered to be:
Ownership of Land, Access to Land, and the ability to hire labor.

Now consumer products play a part and items that were not even known of before television are deemed necessary for life
Such as: Television, Sneakers,
Hand Cream, Jeans, etc.

Also the desire to leave rural areas and move to urban areas has been increased drastically among young people. Discussion Television can be good and bad on Society

Much like it did in America, Television changed the way Indian girls perceive their bodies.
The desired look before Television was a large bosom, thick thighs, and a full stomach.
Now the Western belief of "thin is beautiful" has been adapted.
This has lead to increasing cases of anorexia and bulimia. Discussion Television also creates Ethical Dilemmas:

Who decides what is right or wrong in society?

Is it wrong to send messages for behavior modification to the public?

Is the current behavior actually wrong or just perceived as wrong to outside cultures? Discussion It was initially used for news or information about economic development Later education messages were introduced
Pertaining to health, family planning,
adult literacy, and agricultural development Other Utilization Commercial Television Followed CNN
Discovery Channel
KFC Led to Western Modernization Increases Education,
Knowledge Base,
Rights Awareness,
Cultural Knowledge
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