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EHS Hardback Cafe

Library Orientation

Kael Moffat

on 21 August 2015

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Transcript of EHS Hardback Cafe

The EHS Library Media Center
to the
Learning Commons
Library Staff:
Mrs. Ternes, Librarian
Ms. Lundblom, Clerk
Ms. Rahmoeller, ESU Intern
Mrs. Egger, ESU Intern
Contests, Events, & Activities
Live @ the Library-
Share your talents Wednesday mornings
and perform in the library.
Book Blog -
Browse staff-created reading lists and book recommendations at
Clubs may meet in the library
during Intervention & Enrichment
The library opens at 7:15 am daily.
Creative Writing Club-
Meets Wednesday mornings in the library
Wii and Board Games -
Students in “Good Standing” may play
games before and after school.
Throughout the year various contests, games, and opportunities will be held to promote reading.
Emporia High School
Emporia High School Library
Media Center Mission Statement
The mission of the Emporia High School Learning Commons is to promote and provide intellectual, social, cultural, and ethical development of
students and faculty.
Library Expectations
Staff will:
Assist and support you with your recreational and
academic reading, research, and projects.
Students will:
Engage in appropriate library-related activities.
Act in an orderly manner, conducive to study.
Use courteous, formal language.
Use computers for academic purposes.
Check out as many materials as necessary before leaving the library.
Respect library books, materials, and furniture.
Enter and exit quietly with appropriately signed pass.
Take advantage of Makerspaces.
Library Expectations
Consequences for
violations may include:
Loss of computer use
Confiscation of cap, hat, electronic device, etc.
Office Referral
Loss of library privileges for specified period
of time
Cell phones allowed
with teacher approval!
Book Look
& Book Face

Book Look, the Destiny Online Catalog, can be accessed on
any computer for book title, author, subject, and keyword
Life-Long Learning
The Learning Commons supports curricular and recreational reading, encouraging all students to be life-long readers and learners.
Make the most of your Chromebook learning opportunities.
Libraries are for making!
Destiny Quest includes Top Ten Books, Book Bag Resource Lists & New Arrivals

Check out eBooks in the Destiny Catalog Book Look section of the library webpage
Electronic calendars are located on the library home page
Search genres with Book Face
Databases are electronic, searchable warehouses of information without pop-up windows, ads, or viruses.
Save time and utilize reliable sources @ http://www.usd253.org/home/ehslib.
A list of passwords is available.
searching @ http://www.usd253.org/home/ehslib.
The mission
Mission Statement
of Emporia High School is to encourage a positive attitude toward learning and to encourage academic success in out rapidly changing, multi-cultural society.
Be respectful and responsible with any form of technology or social networking. Be mindful of your digital footprint.
Technology Acceptable Use Policy form must be completed.
Students in “Good Standing” may access email before/after school.
Open 7:15am-4:15pm on regular school days.
Follow the library on Twitter @EHSLibrary2
Check out our Pinterest boards https://www.pinterest.com/hardbackcafe/
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