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The Future of Energy

The best Prezi EVER!!!

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The Future of Energy

Helps create renewable energy
Reliable, sustainable, keeps electric rates low
Produce clean, renewable energy across U.S
Provides energy that produces no air or water pollution
Supplies 4% of U.S electricity
Map of Our Infrastructure

most abundant naturally-occurring resource
no cause of pollution
never ending supply
completely silent
they can be able to withstand tectonic activity
By: Jocelyn Barrera, Maribel Campos, Jose Gonzalez-Herrera, Oscar Sanchez, and Stormie Torres
Renewable Energy in Monterey County:
Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Wind Flow Energy
We are proposing to create a wind farm located by 72540 Country road
G18, Bradley, CA

We will negotiate with the owner of the land so he will sell his land to us.
Solar Energy
Solar Energy Plant
Solar Energy Predicted Outcomes
Wind Energy Predicted Outcomes
Solar Energy +
Wind Energy +
Solar Energy -
Wind Energy -
creates energy for homes and businesses
diverts 3,800 tons of air pollutants per year
can be rotated to capture all the possible amount of sunlight
Solar Energy: How does it work?
Photovoltaic cells
(AKA: solar cells)- directly convert sunlight into electricity at the atomic level.
Solar power plants
- a mirrored surface will reflect sunlight onto a receiver that heats up a liquid. This liquid is later used to produce electricity
Not many people live in Bradley
area is a good distance away from the highway.
Panels need to be replaced every so often
A lot of space is needed for the solar cells to work efficiently
The cost on the production
Energy from sun is only received when its sunny outside and during the day
Causes no pollution
the cost of producing one kilowatt-hour is at a lower cost
naturally-occurring resource
they can be able to withstand tectonic activity
Expensive to build
Makes loud noise
Has an impact on the birds because they crash into the turbines
Locke, S (2008)
How does solar power work?
from http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-does-solar-power-work/
Siemens USA, (2002)
Videos on sustainable energy in the


each wind turbine will take up about
120 m^2 (average)
1,114 wind turbines can be set up
We have 75 acres of land
amount of energy needed for Monterey County is 2,700,000,000 kwh(2.7 x 10^9)
amount that can be provided is 6,684,000,000 kwh in a year
1 solar power plant takes 170,000 m^2 of land
We put that solar power plant and produced 250,000,000 every year
In total, including the wind turbine field, we produced 6.9 x 10^9 kwh
We could provide energy for the Monterey County for 2.5 years in one year!
Bradley, California
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