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Red Bull Tradeshow Exhibit

No description

Teralyn Bond

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Red Bull Tradeshow Exhibit

Objectives Show Recommendations Budget Supporting Promotions Booth Staffing Plan Evaluation Red Bull Trade Show Exhibit Price Product Place Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective4 Promotion

Premium product

Quality control Premium Pricing
Strategy Athletic and Business Conference The Convenience
U Carwacs Show Night Club and Bar Convention and
Trade Show Network and Gain Qualified Leads Increase Sales Enhance brand image amongst potential B2B customers. Enhance relationships with current customers. Recognize new market trends and opportunities.
According to Tradeshow Theory, 4 hours
is maximum amount of time booth staff
should be working. Why is this Important? Keep Staff Energetic
Maintain Brand Image
Gather Leads

Maintain Brand Image 91% of attendees have
purchasing power 28,000 Night Club and
Bar buyers attend 28% of current clients could dissolve
without face-to-face meetings Las Vegas, Nevada Calgary, Alberta "82% of attendees are qualified buyers" Educate Customers

Increase Sales

Increase Brand awareness Orlando, Florida Provide information to potential clients

Increase brand awareness

Find potential leads "Full-conference attendees at the 2010 show in
San Diego came from all 50 states, 10 Canadian provinces
and 26 foreign countries" Mr. Shawn Carter,

As a current client of ours, we would like to invite you the Bar and Nightclub convention and Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada this coming March 2012.

As the owner of the 40/40 night club, a staple in the Las Vegas night life, we would like to personally update you on current information of the Red Bull brand. We think as an owner, you would like to know our ideas on how we can provide additional sales to your business.

Also, we would like to be informed on your business and how well it is performing with our product and work with you on how to increase sales of our product and better your experience with the company. We would like to know how we could enhance your satisfaction with our brand and how we can contribute to the overall success of your business.

It is important for Red Bull to maintain a personal business relationship with our clients. Red Bull prides itself on brand awareness through the use of our sales staff and promotions team, who strive to create great face-to-face interactions with customers and establish long lasting impressions that are associated with our brand. This is why we are inviting you to visit our booth, so we can have an up-to-date meeting with you, and we can provide any answers you may need.

The Trade Show will have your name and business on the VIP list as to ensure a smooth entry into the show, and then be further directed to our booth. It will not be hard to find, and by far, the most exciting booth there. As an added bonus for your attendance, we will discount your next product purchase.

We look forward to seeing you at the Nightclub and Bar Convention and
Tradeshow 2012 and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


John Smith, Director of sales in USA. Outline Pre During Entrance Entrance Entrance Post Marketing Mix Sales Projections 28,492 attendees

91% have purchasing power = 25,572 potential customers

Interest= 6% of 25,572 = 1534

Total exhibit hours = 11 Step 1 Percentage of leads converted = 30%

Average opening order size = $1000 Step 2 Average Number of Leads per Hour 1534 /11 = 139 leads/hour

30% of 1534 leads = 461 conversions

Expected Return on the Show: 461 x $1000 = $416,000 in immediate sales

ROI = $416,000 - $125,948 = $290,052 Step 3 Press Release

Full page advertisement

Direct mail

Admission tickets to our top 100 customers Red Bull booth with FREE Red Bull

Magazine advertisement in the show guide

Red Bull logo placed on trade show map

Wings team will be asking customer feedback survey

Free standing double sided signs

230 press aid the promotion and exposure of the brand

Exclusive sponsor of the DJ spin-off party Advertisement in the show guide

Sales team will retreive contact information for lead card

Have access to attendee email lists

Follow up phone call to Red Bull’s top 100 customers and qualified leads within a 2 week period after the show

Follow up with staff

Follow up with media

All other booth attendees will be sent follow up “thank-you” emails in order to build goodwill
Sold in most retail food and beverage locations

Bars are an emerging market

Distribution is outsourced to maximize efficiency
Very diverse promotional mix

B2C focus for promotion
Staff will observe 8 booths/hour Objective 5 Generate awareness for
product expansion.
Send press kits to at least
20 different media members. 24 Staff

12 Wings Team

12 Sales People 2 Wings team always
conducting observational
research Booth Hours
12-6 Booth Hours
12-5 1) Network with potential buyers and obtain qualified leads.

2) Enhance brand image amongst potential B2B customers.

3) Enhance relationships with current customers.

4) Recognize new market trends and opportunities.

5) Generate awareness for product expansion.
Role Play 1) Attract

2) Engage

3) Ask open Ended Questions

4) Qualify

5)Direct to sales person OR disengage Red Bull Cola Is Coming To A Store Near You

Red Bull announces national expansion of Red Bull Cola at the Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas.

March 7th, 2012 (Las Vegas, Nevada) – Today Red Bull officially announced expansion of their test product “Red Bull Cola” to a national market—effective this May. The decision to expand represents a drastic change in the Red Bull strategy, which had traditionally focused on a single flavour for all of their products. Red Bull North America CEO Stefan Kozak explained the decision: “We are very excited to announce the national distribution of Red Bull Cola. The Cola flavour is a product we have been testing for some time now in smaller American markets. Tremendous customer feedback in test markets has indicated to us that this product will maintain the Red Bull standard of excellence and offer our customers a new and exciting product.”

This is the first new flavour to be offered by Red Bull in the company’s history. In the past, Red Bull has only offered one flavour; but with competitors offering upwards of ten flavours, Red Bull felt it was time to expand. Stefan Kozak explained “We have been careful about introducing new products to the market because we don’t want to lose focus of what our customers want. We have an image to uphold and inferior product offerings could deteriorate that image. For Red Bull Cola, we did our due diligence and made sure that the product fits well with what we hope to accomplish as a company.”

Food and beverage industry analyst Brian Wilson agrees with the decision: “Red Bull expanding their product mix is a great move. They are already an industry leader and having multiple product offerings will help them capitalize on the portion of the market which isn’t a fan of their original flavour, but still want to be associated with the brand.”

The announcement was made at the Nightclub and Bar show in Las Vegas where Red Bull has made quite a statement. Along with a stylish booth, Red Bull is hosting a DJ competition tonight which will is sure to set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Red Bull claims they don’t have any plans to release any more new flavours in the near future.

Red Bull is a market leader in the energy drink segment. They have been operating since 1987 and expanded internationally from their Austrian origin. They have had significant success in the North American market since fist entering it over a decade ago. For more information on Red Bull

For more information on Red Bull Cola please visit http://www.redbull.com/cs/Satellite/en_INT/red-bull-energy-drink/001242937921959 Red Bull Cola Product Expansion
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