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the hero's journey

No description

Agnele sewa

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of the hero's journey

The End When Tinkerbell was born as a new fairy and she meet the Fairy Queen and all the different fairies came to show her the type of fairy she could be. The Call to Adventure The Hero's Journey TinkerBell Refusal to the Call When she came to the hammer and didn't try to pick it up but walked pass by it to try another item. Answering the Call When Tinker picked up the Hammer and it glowed bright with fairy dust. Guide/Mentor Clank, Bobble and Fairy Mary try to teach and encourage Tinker to live the life of a tinker fairy. Bobble Clank Fairy Mary Talismen The hammer that TinkerBell got and the lost things that wash up the side of the island are important to TinkerBell. Companions Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, and Iridessa help TinkerBell to understand that she was a thinker fairy not by accident. They also made her feel welcome through many of her faults. Crossing the Treshold Thinkerbell desires to go to the Main Land after she learns of its existence. Threshold Guardians Vidia is preventing tinker from doing her job and following her dream of going to the Main Land.
Queen Clarion also is not able to let TinkerBell go to the main land because she has no work in the main land. Vidia Queen Clarion Initiation Road of Trials TinkerBell tries accept the fact that she is a thinker fairy and tries to use her talent to its best advantages. Brother Battle Tinker fight with herself to deal with the fact that she can't go to the Main Land. Dragon Battle Tinker decided to listen to Vidia and tries to drive the Sprinting Thistles weeds out of the grass. Ritual Death or Dismemberment In the process of capturing all the Sprinting Thistles TinkerBell damages all the preparations for winter and indangeres the changing of the seasons. Entering the Belly of the Whale TinkerBell realizes that spring could be canceled because of her mistake and the only way to not cancel it is if she realize her talents as a Tinker fairy to solve the problems. Ultimate Boom/ Magic Elixir When TinkerBell takes advantage of her talent as a Tinker fairy to use lost things to create the tools needed to prepare to bring spring to the Main Land. Refusal of the Return When Queen Clarion ask TinkerBell is she wanted to go to the Main Land and She refused because she has understand that her work is at Pixie Hollow and not in the Main Land. Crossing the Return Threshold When ThinkerBell return to the main land with all the other fairies. Master of two worlds When TinkerBell uses her ability as a Tinker fairy to fix the ballet dancer and return it to the little girl as a thank you gift because it was by the laughter of the girl that she was born. Freedom to Live TinkerBell made it to the Main Land, was able to see the beauty of her talent, and learn how to used it to help others. By Agnele Sylvia Sewa
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