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Appalachian's Deciduous Forested Mountains

No description

Sandy Vo

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Appalachian's Deciduous Forested Mountains

Appalachian's Deciduous Forested Mountains
Describe the location/place of your site
The Appalachians Deciduous Forested Mountains is located in the United States. It has a 33-30 degree N latitude and 84 degree W longitude.
Describe the physical characteristics of your region
Some physical characteristics are
- the climate varies from humid continental in the north to humid subtropical in the south.
- the Appalachian Mountains has 30 different tree species
- it has many natural areas around Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia etc.
- coal is found in this region, major industry, employs many people
- In the Upper land: produced iron, stone, oil, and timber
- drive past lovely trees, farms, and running streams
- will encounter a large variety of mammals (ex. white-tailed deer, etc.), birds (ex. woodpecker etc.), & reptiles and amphibians (ex. Frogs etc.)
Describe at least 5 different risks that you will face in your environment. Predict how you will deal with each of these risks.
What natural resources from your location might be available for you to use? How will your interaction with with the environment affect your surrounding area?
Some natural resources that would be available would be plants, trees, and rivers. These items will help us because the plants could be edible, trees would be used to make small fires and the rivers are a great source of water. Our interaction will affect our surrounding area because the plants we would eat could be the food of other animals.
5)What are 10 different objects you could take with you to help you survive in your environment? Explain why you have chosen your objects. How
will your objects help you survive in your region up to 2 years?
If you were to be rescued, infer the most probable way it would happen.
I would probably bring:
-water/water bottle
-warm clothes
-hunting knife to kill animals who's attacking you
-bag to fit all your things
-sleeping bag
-first aid kit
-bug sprays
This will help me survive because these are the regular necessities needed to survive.
Facts about the Appalachian's Deciduous Forested Mountains
1. Up to 30 different tree species
2. Contains major deposits of anthracite coal as well as bituminous coal.
3. 5 different species of tree squirrels

4. There's also the North American Cougar, Red-tailed Hawk etc.
5. The Appalachian's Mountains are made up of mountains, valleys, and ridges.
6. The name Appalachian comes from the Apalachee Indians.
Sandy's part
Sandy's part
Noor's part
1. In the south there could be different forest fires
2. In the east coal mining would be a problem
3. Along the Appalachian Trail there has been a tick-borne disease
4. Construction of mountaintop removal for coal mining
5. If you were in the wild you might encounter a dangerous animal*.
If this ever does happen you should evacuate the area and look for shelter
, leave the area
, and/or run away*.
Alesandrea's part
Alesandrea's part
If we were to be rescued it would most probably be by a helicopter because the would be the easiest way out of large forested mountains/areas.
Thanks for watching!☺
Made by: Sandy, Noor, and Alesandrea.☺
Noor's part
Everyone's part
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