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TOK presentation Copyright

Inspiration or Plagiarism

Jonathan hribar

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of TOK presentation Copyright

Real Life Situation
Copyright Infringement
Inspiration or Plagiarism?
Is Copyright justified?

Knowledge Issue
How can we know a work is original?
Where do we draw the line to plagiarism?
What are the limitations of Copyright law?
Are they ethically justified?
Is any work original?
Was this really Copyright Infringement?
"Good artists copy,
Great artists steal"
-Pablo Picasso
Elements of Creativity
Stealing an idea but transforming it into something they can call their own.
Stealing and imitating someone else's
idea while calling it their own.
Natural right
Intellectual property
Encourage creation
Right or Wrong?
Public opinion
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By Jonathan Hribar 3Q
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