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Haira C. Rodavia

It Was The Time; My Childhood Years in my Hometown

Haira Rodavia

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Haira C. Rodavia

Status Update
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It was a time that I was just a child full of dreams
Looking at all the beautiful sceneries
Dreaming of all the beautiful and huge houses
And wanting those flowers in the gardens
It was the world full of fantasies.

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Lives In
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It was the time that I was just a simple child
Running along the streets and highways
Playing with the children with smiles cannot hide
Chinese garter, hide and seek – my favorite games.
It was a world full of happiness.
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It was the time that I was just an ordinary child
Catching dragonflies and snails
Picking up beautiful and colorful flowers
And collecting pieces of smooth white stones
It was a simple world that I knew.

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It was the time that I can never bring back
The time that there were no obligations
When my world is only around my toys
It’s the time that I would always love to go back
My childhood years in my hometown.
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