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Joy Wells

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of anniversary

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! aww what a cute couple!!! Met in collage oooo lala :) 20 years !!!!! yall are getting old ! have 2 lovely kids ! Wil... and Shelby ! and 1 dog! wil plays baseball!
Shelbys is a dancer but both kids love you too and yall have a great life together! WE LOVE YALLL!!! then they got married!
after that they "got it on" hahahah jk :)
then they had wil (noone cares.....) few years later they had meeee! <3 GIGI ! this presentation was brought to you by shelby wells ! (dont drink alcohol while watching this .. if you do you will have an increase in blood pressure. do not smoke while watching this ! .. have a great year together! BYEEEE !
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