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aqua marine

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of women

There are some people in our society who think that a girl will be married soon then what is the need of spending so much money in her education....
There are some persons' who think that the circumstances in the society are not so good and it is not safe for a women to go outside and study..
why education is important for women?
Education plays an important role in women's life....
Situation In Pakistan
In Pakistan

There are so many women's who can read or write their name but they are not educated properly as compared to men...

Look in your class and count how many girls are there and how many boys..?

You will see the difference by yourself...


we are facing this discrimination..?

Importance of Education for Women
Hard to survive...
Education and well being of women
Educated women is well aware of her rights.
She can understand the situation well.
Education is not only a key to better life but a better and secure future..
Educated women can contribute to her family income also.
She can grow her child well..
She can manage her house well.
Government Role
Government can make such programs or start campaigns through which they educate the parents and tell them about the significant importance of women's education....
Our Role
It is our responsibility also that if we see such discrimination anywhere then try to guide those persons.. even if anyone of us is facing such situation in our home or family then we should come forward and at least speak up for it...
Financial Help
There are some girls who can't get education due to lack of financial assistant..
Like if a family is suffering from some financial problems and can't afford to give education to all of their children's then they prefer to give education to boys over girls....

We should try to help those persons...
What our religion says about education..
"It is the duty of every Muslim man and woman to seek knowledge."
Why women education is important..?
What is the situation in Pakistan..?
How we can solve issues related to women's education in our country ...?
Educated women
Well aware of her rights
Can understand situation well
Can contribute to its family financially
Some Reasons
She will be married soon
Gender Discrimination
Society is a male dominating society and there is still a significant ratio of our population who think that girls education is not important, they don't think that educating a girl is equally important as that of a boy...
Women is there to do household things
This thought that women is there to do household things and it is man who will deal with the financial issues.., so why we spend so much many in women education
lack of awareness
There is still lack of awareness that how much importance education holds in a women's life...
Unsafe Environment
Can grow her children's well
In the present male dominating society it is hard for women to survive she deserve a better life but in many places she is struggling for it and education provides her a key for its better life and better future...
Well being of women
There are some ways through which we can overcome the issue of women's education..
"Seek knowledge, from the cradle to the grave."
"Acquire knowledge, even if you have to go to China for it."
Thank you

When you educate a man you educate a individual man but when you educate a women you educate a whole family..
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