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Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega

No description

Andrea Camargo Lopez

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega

Fuenteovejuna by Lope de Vega
Félix Arturo Lope de Vega y Carpio
Fuente Ovejuna
Lope de Vega
Born in Madrid, November 25th 1562 died August 27th 1635.

Enrolled the Spanish army at 14 years old.

University of Alcala.

"The Phoenix of Wits"
-Renew Spanish Theatre

-Wrote 3000 sonnets, 3 novels, 4 novellas 9 epic poems and hundreds of plays are attributed to him.

-"Monster of Nature" Miguel de Cervantes.

His Work
Historical Context
1469 Isabel I de Castilla marries Fernando II de Aragón.
Alfonso V of Portugal wants the crown for Juana de Castilla
Batlle of Toro 1476
Fernan Gómez de Guzmán, Commander in Fuenteovejuna.
"Derecho de Pernada"
Guzmán tries to rape Laurencia, Frondoso defends her.
The Commander vows revenge.
Recent Productions
Done every year in Fuenteovejuna and by Fuente Obejuna.
2008 Stratford Shakespeare Festival
Antonio Gades Ballet
- Arellano, Ignacio; Mata, Carlos; Vida y Obra de Lope de Vega, Madrid; Homo Legens, 2011.
-Pedraza Jimenez Felipe; Lope de Vega, El Escritor y su Literatura; Barcelona, Editorial Teide, S.A. 1990.
-Vega, Lope de; Fuente Ovejuna; Edition by Rinaldo Froldi; Madrid; Espasa Calpe, S. A. 1997.
-The works of Lope de Vega. Web http://www.classicspanishbooks.com/16th-cent-baroque-lope-works.html 10/26 2013
-Fuenteovejuna, Compañía antonio Gades. Video. Web
Andrea Camargo
Apple of discord
Elena Osorio, his big love affair and muse. "Filis"

He fought the law and...the law won.

Isabel de Urbina.
New Comedy
Three acts.
Mixture of comedy and tragedy in the same play.
Broke the classical unities also known as three unities
even more changes...
Metrical variety.
Use of language according to social class.
Introduced the "clown" character or "gracioso"
Cape and sword comedies: "La Dama Boba"
Palace comedies: "El villano en su rincón"
Pastoral comedies: "La Arcadia"
Strictly historic: "Don Juan de Austria en Flandes"
Mythological: "Las Mujeres sin Hombres"
Biblical: "Los trabajos de Jacob"
Inspired by Chronicles : "Fuenteovejuna"
Rumour has it...
Same year Ciudad Real is attacked by Rodrigo Téllez Girón.
The Commander was killed by the people in Fuenteovejuna
What Happened in
Fuente Obejuna?
The commander wants to help Alonso to defeat Isabel and Fernando.
He tries to kidnap Jacinta and tells his soldiers to beat up Mengo who tries to defend her.
Jacinta rejects him so he gives her to the soldiers.
"Guzman crashed the party"
Frondoso asks Esteban (the major and Laurencia's father) for Laurencia's hand.
Guzmán comes to the party uninvited and takes the groom to jail and the bride with him.
And in the end...
Laurencia interrupts the town's men meeting.
The commander tortures Frondoso.
The people rebel.
Who killed Guzman?
Flores tells the king what happened.
The king sends a judge to question the people.
When the judge asks who killed Guzmán everyone gives the same answer:
Fuente Ovejuna did it.
And who is Fuenteovejuna?:
All for one, sir
Fuente Obejuna
Fuente Ovejuna
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