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The Partition of Africa

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Alexandra Tyndall

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Partition of Africa

Exploration David Livingstone explored Africa from 1841-1873
He traveled Africa as a missionary
He aimed to:
Spread Christianity
Abolish the slave trade
Find the source of the Nile River
The Berlin Conference The Industrial Revolution fueled the need for RAW MATERIALS and NATURAL RESOURCES
Africa was an expansive source of raw materials and natural resouces
European countries competed for land in Africa to gain wealth and grow their economy
The Berlin Conference divided Africa into sections of European control
There was no regard for the natives of Africa Map of the Partition of Africa Use the key to discover which countries had claims in Africa Political Cecil Rhodes was an English business man
He founded De Beers diamond company
His company mined for diamonds in Africa (Natural Resource) Ideology Social Darwinism states that the only the strong will survive
Europeans believed that their race was stronger than the native Africans
Many Europeans believed it was their duty to "duty" to improve the lives of the native Africans
Europeans wanted to change the African lifestyle to model the European lifestyle
Economic Which natural resource is most common in Southern Africa?
Which countries would be the hardest for Europeans to reach? Why?
Which two resources in Africa do you think are the most valuable today? The Partition of Africa Imperialism 1884 Once Europeans were in control of Africa, how do you think they impacted Africa and the people living there? David Livingstone How might exploration be appealing to European countries during this time? Cecil Rhodes Based on the picture, how do you think Cecil Rhodes viewed the continent of Africa? Economic Natural Resources were in abundance in Africa.
European markets wanted control of these natural resources.
European businessmen could make a fortune in Africa
They were taking the wealth out of the country for their own benefit.
Social Darwinism and the "'White Man's Burden" White Man's Burden
By: Rudyard Kipling Take up the White Man's burden--
Send forth the best ye breed--
Go bind your sons to exile
To serve your captive's need; According to Kipling's Poem, European colonist were motivated to colonize Africa because of a desire to do what? Natural Resources and Trade Africa: Natural Resources How did the Industrial Revolution lead directly to Europeans seeking out various natural resources in Africa?
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