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Driven by Data

No description

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of Driven by Data

Driven by Data
A Useful Resource
A Practical Guide

Part 1: Framework

Part 2: Professional Development

CD-ROM: Resources
Are Students Learning?
To Lead, You Need:
1) A framework to guide your actions

2) Proof that it works

3) Concrete tools to put it into practice
"My colleagues and I have yet to meet a school that implements all of these drivers and does not make student achievement gains."-Santoyo
•Common disconnect between what the teacher is teaching and what the assessment is measuring

•Standards are meaningless until you decide how you are going to assess them

•Create a rigorous and demanding assessment and then teach to meet its standards
Core Ideas
•Start from the end-goal exam

•Align the interim assessment to the end-goal exam

•Be sure to see third-party tests

•Assess to college-ready standards

•Design the test to reassess earlier material

•Gives teachers a stake in the assessment
Core Drivers of Assessment
•Transparent Starting Point

•Common and Interim

•Aligned to State Tests and College Readiness

•Aligned to Instructional Sequence

If you don't have a road map, it doesn't matter how well your car is running!
by Paul Bambrick-Santoyo
"If assessments define the ultimate goals, analysis identifies the strategy and tactics needed to get there."
Core Ideas
Lesson plans must be done with action plan in hand.
Data-driven student engagement occurs when students know the end goal, how they did, and what actions they can take to improve.
Core Drivers
Ongoing Assessment
Engaged Students
Quarter Back makes based on the defensive formation.
On-the-spot changes
*"The teachers use the assessments to become teachers. They see what they didn't teach very well and re-teach so we can learn it better. So we end up learning more."
*"I like the assessments because they help me know what I need to work on."
~ Quotes from middle school students about their experiences with data-driven instruction implemented well.
Action Plans
Key characteristics
Correct analysis
New strategies
Specific time of implementation
At first, keep it simple!
Core Ideas:
Key Principles for Leading Analysis Meetings
Core Drivers of Analysis
Data reports

Immediate turnaround

Analysis is Teacher owned, Test-in-hand, & Deep

One-to-One Analysis meetings
"The Championship is decided before you enter the ring"

- Muhammad Ali
Data Reports
Precursors for
Effective Analysis
Effective data reports collect question-level, standards-level, individual-level, and whole class data.
The best ones do it on one page per classroom.
One-to-One Meetings (teacher and leader)
Let the Data Do the Talking
Let the Teacher Do the Talking
Always Go Back to the Test & Specific Answers
Know the Data Yourself
Don't Fight Battles on Ideological Lines
Keep in Mind the Difference Between the First Assessment and the Third
Make Sure Analysis is Connected to a Concrete, Verifiable Plan
Before Interim Assessment
Teachers review assessment.
Teachers predict student performance.
Professional Development:
Assessment Analysis,
Action Plan completion,
Model Analysis Meetings.
Immediately Following
Interim Assessment
Teachers Analysis
Teach Action Plan
Leader Analysis
Review of Teacher Plan
Content Expertise
A Doctor's Diagnosis: Deep Analysis to Find the Cause
"If you diagnose like a doctor, your teaching will be more targeted - and more effective."
Put in on the Calendar!
Schedule Implementation on the school calendar
Timely regular intervals for analysis, assessment and action
Time to Administer, analyze, score assessments
Time for re-teaching
Other Big Rocks
Proffesional Development
Both teachers and admin
Before and after rounds of interim assessment
Borrow What Works
Leadership Team
Expert network
Trust network
Know why
1-minute sales pitch

What drivers create a culture of high expectation at high achieving schools?
Initial faculty buy-in is not a prerequisite for implementing data driven instruction.
The best initiatives do no require buy-in they create it!
The Critical Drivers



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