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Winnipeg General Strike

No description

Rukia Ali

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of Winnipeg General Strike

Winnipeg General Strike : What really happened?
What happened in Winnipeg General Strike?
- Soldiers Returning after WW1

-Immigrants and Women

- Poor Working Conditions & Low Wages

- May 1, 1919

-Revolution in Russia

An Actual Photo of the Strikers
The Winnipeg General Strike
What it is the Winnipeg General Strike?
How Has This Event Shaped Canadian Identity Today?
- The Ability to have Unions & Strikes

-Better Working Conditions

-Higher Wages

-Optional Hours
A Newspaper Article on The Winnipeg General Strike
The Winnipeg General Strike is the most influential strike in Canadian history and it is a critical reason that we have the ability to form unions and have strikes today.
By: Rukia Ali
- A Mass Strike

-Officially Began May 15, 1919

- Largest Strike in Canadian History



- Labour and Immigration

-Economy, Business and Industry

Bloody Saturday
-Some workers were jailed, some were deported, and thousands lost their jobs.

-Seven strike leaders were convicted of a conspiracy to overthrow the government and jailed for up to two years.

-In the 1920 Manitoba provincial election, 11 labour candidates won seats. Four of them were strike leaders.
-Multiple Arrests

-30 Wounded

- 2 Deaths
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