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Forrest Gump Major Social Changes

No description

Abbey Barnsdale

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Forrest Gump Major Social Changes

Rising Action
Falling Action
Forrest Gump Major Social Changes
Poor treatment for pre and post war vets
Little to none aftercare for disabled and injured serving veterans. Due to lack of knowledge and technology among society compared to today
Improvement in technology (Apple)
Lack of health treatment and knowledge medical conditions such as cancer
Hurricane Carmen hits Atlantic destroying land
Technology improvements
Colour TV
Celebrities influencing social change involving many different social views.
Improved medical answers for disabled and physically ill
Social trends such as clothing (Nike)
Large HIV & AIDS outbreak in America
Major Social Changes
Racial Segregation
President assassination
Hippies protesting
AIDS/HIV increase
Vietnam War
Compared to Today...
Major social changes in our society today compared to the 1950 film Forrest Gump would include:

Improvement in technology
Change in racial acceptance
Medical/health knowledge increase resulting in better treatment
Disabilities and how people are treated for and because of them
Women's equal rights
Life long care for veterans
Less protesters working towards social change
Social change as a result of rebellious citizens
How disabilities changed the way society looked and treated people
Medical help for the disabled
Required level of intelligence for specific schooling
Child labor was common
Therefore accepted by a majority of the population, very few people would speak their mind if they felt otherwise.
Competitive school athletics (football)
Women started to go into work force
Racial discrimination affecting schooling and employment
Vietnam War 1955-1975
Unimproved technology affecting the safety of war veterans
No child labor laws are protecting children from slavery
Hippies and protesters working towards non-violent answers. Hoping to see an end to war for world peace
Strong communism in China
focused on in Forrest Gump
By: Abbey Barnsdale
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