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Mr. Stack

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Concentration

BY Giuliana Agria
What is concentration ?
Concentration is taking your mind off many things and putting it on one thing at a time. It is easiest to concentrate on something you are interested in. Random uninvited thoughts prevent us from achieving concentration
Try to avoid multitasking and loud noises because doing them or being around them makes it harder to concentrate. While multitasking you are not actually doing multiple things at once but your brain is transitioning quickly between the tasks. You
Turn off distracting devices If you want music make sure it is calm, peaceful and not distracting. Keep the music at a low volume.
Make sure you get enough sleep the night before. Being tired or sick makes it harder to concentrate. A balanced diet is helpful and does make concentration a lot easier. Overeating can make you uncomfortable and sleepy. You don't need as much food as some people think they do. Thomas Jefferson believed that people rarely regret eating to little. Staying hydrated is important as well.
Being in a quiet place makes it easier to concentration. If necessary you can learn to block out sounds. Being with other people makes it tempting to talk to them, it helps to be in a room with no or few people. The room you are in should have good lighting, ventilation and be clean and organized. Being in a comfortable position allows proper blood circulation and breathing.

Make a schedule for when you will take breaks or change what you will do and how you do it. Drink water and go for a walk or get a form of excersice during breaks.
General Health
Some people like to set timers to tell them how much time is left but others believe clocks and watches should be turned off. Which strategy you use depends on how you work best.
Other facts about Concentration
Every Day
Some people use meditation to help them practice concentrating. Meditation improves your mental and physical health but scientists still are not sure why
People believe it is easier to work if you schedule a time to think about anything
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