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Life of men during the Elizabethan era

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Brandon Maiersperger

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Life of men during the Elizabethan era

Life of men during the Elizabethan era Men during the Elizabethan era provided honor and respect for their families. What were men during the Elizabethan era expected to be like? The men held the power and also provided money for their families. A high status meant wealth, and wealth provided honor for the family. A title like duke, baron or earl came with responsibilities to act courteous and respectful. All men were expected to live up to the standards of their titles even if they were servants or on the lower social classes. Life as a Man in Elizabethan Era
-Ages 6-12 months swaddled
-Ages 1-3 wore skirts like their sisters
-Ages 3-7 Breeches
-Ages 10+ Schooling/ Servants
-Around Age 40 life expectancy Thanks for Listening! Women were not allowed to play and roles in plays,
so men always played women’s parts Boy’s schools in the Elizabethan era would have been for six days a week, for the whole year. Fun Facts People drank beer at breakfast. Men had jousts not to settle disputes, but to have fun and pleasure. It was during the Elizabethan era that Sir Francis Drake circled the globe Tobacco was introduced into England and smoking became very popular with men
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