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The Atomic Bomb

No description

Adam Zimmerman

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of The Atomic Bomb

- Had tremendous effects in the future including the cold war, and even today in the current conflict with Korea. Was it necessary? How was it developed? -The United States actually was not the first country to discover nuclear fission, it was the Germans. Who were the scientists? -Vice president was unaware of the project. Interesting Facts -A soviet spy named Klaus Fuchs actually managed to penetrate the inner circle of scientists working on the project, which led to the later development of soviet nukes. Adam Zimmerman The Atomic Bomb What if Nazi-Germany invented the Atomic bomb? - Both bombs killed approximately 120,000 people combined -Fat man (the bomb dropped at Hiroshima) was detonated 2000 feet above the city and instantly obliterated around 0.5 square miles. -The Mushroom cloud produced from atomic bombs are extremely radioactive. -Some people believe the United States should have never used the Atomic Bomb. -Others argue that if the Atomic Bomb had not been used, American and Japanese deaths would have totaled in the millions for both sides. -Japan had a never surrender mindset Albert Einstein and Enrico Fermi both fled Nazi-Fascist Europe to warn Roosevelt about the Nazis research on the Atomic Bomb -This sparked the famous "Manhattan Project" which involved over 200,000 people and cost over 2 billion dollars. -Robert Oppenheimer was the main scientist to work on the project, a common misconception is that Einstein himself worked on the project, this is not true, Einstein had no direct contributions to the project except for the letter he sent to Roosevelt which sparked the idea for the project himself. -Stalin was chosen to be kept in the dark for this project, which didn't matter a whole lot in the end anyway. -The bomb that was detonated at the trinity site left behind a half-mile crater metamorphosing all of the sand into glass from the massive heat created from the explosion. -The cover story for the first test was that an ammunition dump had exploded in the desert -It's important to note that Nazi-Germany never would have never invented the Atomic bomb simply because they never actively desired it, they were more concentrated on winning the war in other ways. -Although if Germany had the Atomic bomb in their arsenal, they would have conquered Soviet Russia and been able to access many more resources which would have led to the conquering of Europe, and maybe even the worlds first nuclear war with the United States. The explosive detonator ignites and sends uranium bullets flying towards the uranium core Uranium bullets come in contact with the uranium core and causes a nuclear chain reaction, which is what causes the nuclear explosion How does it work? Fat man Little boy Work Cited Association, Indepentend Hall. "The Manhattan Project."
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