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Excellence in Management and Information Technology

No description

gerard ryan

on 7 June 2011

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Transcript of Excellence in Management and Information Technology

Pressure on IT budgets
Energy costs spiralling
Onerous legislation looming/happening "We are proving that it's just not true that people won't pay for content" Tomas Bella, Piano Media Excellence costs
Otherwise, what's the use? Individual
excellence Excellence from teamwork Five path cycle of excellence MARK GIBBS
On excellence and best practices "In IT the big problem is that we're mostly engineers so we usually interpret excellence as being the same as perfection. This is a huge problem because if we admit that perfection can't be achieved then there's a tendency to fall back on "good enough" as if that's the next step down the ladder." Leadership




Courage Potential reveals vulnerability
100m people's details stolen from Sony
400k potential passwords tests per second
Hidden data
Processing power aides criminals as well
The bigger the fish the bigger the target
From computer hacking to iphone & ipad Excellence in Management and Information Technology

Gerard Ryan
Staffordshire University UK

INDIA 15 - 16 May 2011 Leaking Clouds Keeping up standards USA Football UK Football Australian Football online newspaper content charges Is there anything else to worry about? skype is my best guess Tourism, marketing & Events Organisational learning for performance excellence Communication Respond to challenges Learn from experience Shine in the glory Informed choice Start with a bang Achieving excellence is like playing golf. It's played out on a 5 inch course... Paraphrasing Bobby Jones ...the space between your ears. Thank you. Informed choice
Respond to challenges
Learn from experience So what's the next courageous decision? Excellence = In business these days, The price of excellence
Global issues
Specialist areas
Current trends
The source of excellence Events & conferences Slow manual systems
Double handling
Labour intensive Before ICT Ticketing systems
Booking options
ICT revolution on the visitor economy
Quality and reliability Increased efficiency Online registration
Added content
No need to travel Keeping pace with technology Best available versus longest life
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