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C Maurer CV

No description

C Mau

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of C Maurer CV

2012 2010 2011 Carolyn Maurer Communications Consultant for UNRWA 2008 About Me:
Conversational Hebrew
Proficient (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Education:
Boston University Degrees: Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
Bachelor of Science in Journalism
Minor in Arabic Awards: Study Abroad: Training Courses Languages Arabic
Proficient Cum Laude - College of Communications
Cum Laude - College of Arts & Sciences
Dean's List - 5 consecutive semesters
Sheila Lynch Award for Academic Achievement
Terrier Achievement Award
Non-school related: UNRWA Courage Award Israel: Haifa University
Morocco: Center for Cross Cultural Learning Resume Organization: United Nations Relief and Works Position: Communications Consultant (Full Time) Duration: October 2011 - Current Employment Organization: Jewgether Position: Media Officer (Part Time) Data:
Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) Fieldwork:
United Nations Basic Security in the Field
UN Advanced Security in the Field Advocacy:
Thematic Cartography Digital Media and Infographics: Prezi, Dipity, Infogr.am, Piktochart, Leadership Teamwork Independent Living Abroad Travel Design Experience Social and Digital Media Experience International and Technical Experience Israel/West Bank: 2 years
Morocco: 4 months Egypt
Czech Republic Spain
Australia Production: Cameras, Film Equipment Computer: Microsoft Office, Philcarto, Phildigit, Adobe Illustrator, In-Design, Gimp, Adobe Photoshop Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Tumblr, Google Alerts Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East Work Examples: Easel.ly, Creately, Pixlr, Wordle Duration: June 2012 - Current Develop and create content for two websites including visuals like photo-essays

Leading taskforces of up to five team members about producing funding proposals, articles, concept papers, website material and communication strategies and materials

Designing presentations to the European Union, UNRWA senior management, donors, journalists, partners and stakeholders Developing and leading a briefing tour of 30 people in a visiting delegation around the West Bank

Creating media packs for briefings

Developing a five-day training course taught at NGO Management School in Geneva

Organizing survey launches and creating their accompanying advocacy tools including fact sheets, banners, posters, photo exhibitions and videos

Updating the “Black Box,” the BMU’s key reporting tool

Writing research reports

Complete field research

Photographed, edited and organized photos for the BMU’s Photo Library and Google Earth application

Making visual tools including charts, diagrams, and statistical maps

Writing press releases

Briefing and training new interns BMU Website: unrwa.org/bmu Filming and editing short films

Designing and implementing a social media strategy using open-source programs

Following and analyzing media trends involving our research for weekly reports Location: Ramallah, West Bank Location: Jerusalem Main Achievements:

Wrote articles for the website's Media Page.

Monitored Jewgether's online mentions and discussions through Facebook, blogs, news, etc. http://www.jewgether.org/page.asp?PageID=288 Wrote donor proposals

Advised on how to expand the media strategy

Updated the nonprofits' Facebook and Twitter pages

Edited media and advocacy materials Organization: Boston University Position: Teaching Assistant for ‘History and Principles of Journalism’ class (Part Time) Duration: Location: Boston, MA Jan. 2011 – May 2011,
Jan. 2010 – May 2010 Graded papers
Proctored exams Created presentations
Gave private tutoring Responsibilities: Volunteer Work Organization: Women to Women's Battered Women's Shelter Position: Youth Social Coordinator (15 hours/week) Duration: October 2010 - January 2011 Location: Haifa, Israel Organization: International Rescue Committee Position: Educational Services Intern (Full Time) Duration: May 2010 - July 2010 Location: Atlanta, Georgia Organization: Brookline TAB Newspaper Position: Correspondent (Part Time) Duration: January 2010 - May 2010 Location: Boston, Massachusetts Organization: African Presidential Center Position: Research Intern (Part Time) Duration: January 2010 – May 2010 Location: Boston, MA Worked with battered Palestinian and Israeli children in the kindergarten and after school programs

Created activities for children aged 3-13

Helped with the kids' homework in Hebrew and Arabic

Researched interactions of battered children with male versus female coordinators (written for Haifa University studies)
Over 240 hours resettling refugees by teaching English and computer skills

Took control of ESL Level One class, which included: creating lesson plans, aiding students find employment, translating government documents, etc.

Gave private tutoring in speaking, reading, and writing comprehension

Tracked and updated filing systems on student attendance

Coordinated and led youth after school activities (ages 13-16)

Researched, interviewed, wrote and edited articles weekly for print and the website.

One article (Yasmin Siraj) made the front page
Most articles were on the front page of the "Lifestyle" section
Researched contemporary issues in democratic African countries including economic and political progress

Organized events

Filed data

Updated databases

Performed secretarial duties For more of my articles, go to:
http://carolynjmaurer.wordpress.com/ put picture of the kids French Spanish
Political Canvasser Edit
Boston University for Barack

September 2008 – November 2008 (3 months) Boston, MA

Canvassed, registered voters, recruited and directed students from Boston to canvass in swing states, updated the campaign server with data collected from canvassing for 15-25 hours a week
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