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Sense of Belonging:

No description

Patrick Postec

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Sense of Belonging:

Sense of Belonging:
Question of Loyalty

To Whom Is an Expat's Loyalty Due?
What Are the Limits and Mesurements?
Should an Expat Be More of his Old country or New Country?
Their Home Country?
This is their native land, for the most part.
Many try to watch news and read various textsfrom their country of origin.
Homes often resemble traditional styles from original countries.
Their New Country?
Some have lived there for years.
Many are more familiar with the new country than the old one.
They are heavily influenced by that country's culture.
Some expats move many times throughout their lives, and adapt well to every country.
Some don't have a internal view of the countries.
If so, How Long Until One Does?
When Should Someone Give Up his (her) Culture?
He (she) Should Be More of his (her) Native Country
It's the land of his (her) ancestors.
It's probably his (her) place of birth.
He (she) Should Be More of the Country He (she) Is Residing in.
It's the country he (she) is living in.
Might as well!
Put the past behind you.
Keep best of both countries.
Appreciate culture of new county, and discovering it while still keeping contact with native country.
How Long Until One Starts to Speak "Singlish," for Example?
Can One Get too Much of a Culture?
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