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Final light presentation

No description

Areeka Amjad Amjad

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Final light presentation

Allegory of the Cave
Allegory of the Cave
Direct Interpretation
Light particles
Vanishing Silhouette In Bright
Light Beam
Reflection of light
Dispersion of light
Identification of light in dark
Effects of light on objects
Light Changing The Ambience Of A Space
Reception of light
Diffused light through voids
Study Of Light Through Different Mediums
Light through
Shades of transparent
medium on plain surface
Light on textured glossy surfaces.
Light shades
Reflection through
glossy surfaces
Lights and Darks
Light particles
Diffused light
Reflecting light
Light is an abstract notion to view everything.
It is the light that makes us travel the process
of discovery from nothing to everything. Light chances our perception about things. Without
light life is as dark as life of prisoners in the
A Breif
Non Orientable Paper Models
Making different forms out of paper and changing the light intesity and its placement was another attempt to study the light.
Photographs of some of the models
Abstract Drawings
Presence of light can only be felt in dark. Light always needs a medium to express itself.
Understanding basic concepts of silhouette through erasing off the pencil.
Change in environment due to light
This drawing shows the behaviour of light when passed through a receptor containing voids. The distorted shapes produced by the light gives a new life to the space.
Light have a quality to disperse that gives a peaceful effect of gradual tones occurring in a space.
Dust particles seen in ray of light.
The magic created by light surpassing the cubic shapes into other unique patterns increase the level of excitment of the space.
A simple crumpes paper recieving light at different angles made this composition more interesting.
Shades appearing in curved surfaces
Moving from an object to a space
Light placed inside the form
Improvising Our Models
Make a paper model using different surfaces and curves.
Add a horizontal member to your model to see the act of light on straight surfaces.
Add a vertical member to balance your model
A new model is ready for further shadow study
A simple crumpled paper that shows a clear visibility in lights and darks.
Am attempt to feel the presence of light through lines.
Intensity of light changing identity of objects
Light emerging from dark is more vibrant
Sensitive drawing justifying the textures through visible light
Vertical member acts as a receiver for other shadows
Documentation of light changes in studio project
See different shadows of summer and winter

Mermaid is a very strong mythical character
that bridges the differences of plains and water
bodies. Its myths are associated with different
religions regions. This character always lies between
good and evil. My choice for this character is due to
its dual nature and the mystery behind the transformation
from human to a fish.
First model was constructed as an experimental try. It was a direct interpretation of a fish.
Model 2
Moving to the next model i worked on
Hope Success and Urge to go further
Model 3
This model was the result of the
story line of a mermaid. that
Model 4
A little sophistication was added to the previous model in order to achieve a better form.
Model 5
This model bring the idea of transformation to a mature level. The dual nature of mermaid could easily be seen by the idea of half sink dwelling.
Model 8
Inserting flat surfaces to make my idea
simple and easily convey.
Vertical and horizontal
planes that balances the
whole form.
This is how Light changes the ambiance of a space.
Improvisation of architecture through simpler forms
Expressing a complex idea through simplest shapes
Adding thickness
to the model
Final form
Light study in a space
Concept and light study through sketching
Ideas are best expressed in the form of sketches. Before moving on to model study I did some rough sketches to visualize my idea.
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