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Skill-Related Fitness Project

No description

Jennifer Steele

on 15 July 2010

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Transcript of Skill-Related Fitness Project

This training plan will meet her goals to improve in skills needed for her vacation. Progression Tedium Frequency Intensity and Time Type Overload This is my client Annie. Annie's going to Florida this summer... to parasail... scuba dive... golf... hike nature trails... and fish! Annie loves going to the gym... and participating in team sports... especially with family. Annie is fast through the grocery store... ...but not so strong with the groceries. She has a lot of balance.... ...but lacks in agility and reaction time. And coordination. Annie is going to improve her skills. Sprints will increase her speed... She'll become powerful by lifting weights... ...coordinated through the game of Badminton... ...balanced through yoga.. ... and agile through tennis. Her reaction time will at least double through ping-pong. Specificity Annie will gradually increase the difficulty of each exercise as she improves. Skills such as agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. These skills will improve her abilities to fish, golf, parasail, hike, and scuba dive. Reversibility Annie will start off doing every exercise once a week. The second week she'll do them twice, the third week she'll do them three times, and so on. Each week Annie will increase how many weights she lifts, how many games of tennis. ping-pong, or badminton she plays, how many sprints she does, and how much yoga she does. Annie is performing many exercises that will help in multiple skills. Annie will continue her exercises until her vacation and beyond it if she chooses to. Annie is performing a large variety of activities to improve her skills. Training Plan... By Jennifer Steele
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