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Listening for Lucca

No description

abby lintner

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Listening for Lucca

Listening for Lucca
Plot: (Summary)
Sienas obsessed with abanndoned things, her obsession stared about a year ago when her 3 year old brother Lucca stopped talking. The move to Maine is hopefully a good change for Siena and Lucca.
8th grade girl-siena moves from living in a not so wealthy apartment in Brooklyn. To living in a wealthier "welcoming"-well she thinks, beach house in Maine. Siena is different than others, she doesnt have many friends.Doctors are still very confused on why Lucca stopped talking.
By: Suzanne
Siena- main character-Tall,long blond hair and shes independent.Different than others< sees the future and the past.
Sarah- main character (in siena's journal)
Lucca- Siena's younger brother-happy and outgoing
Sam and Morgan- Sienas new friends,met in Maine at Nielly's pizza shop.
Mrs.Lang- next door neighbour, old lady, knows about Sienas house-what happened in the past
Sieana's mom and dad-always worrying about lucca.
Settings:Small apartment in Brooklyn- Used to live.

On the beach in Maine-live on the beach.

Niellys pizza shop in town.

small creek near the house
Genre: This book has a bit of mystery and suspicion. Also is fiction
When Siena writes in her journal with an old pen she found in her closet, the pen writes a story of its own. About Sarah and Joshua who lived in Sienas new house during world war 2. Siena senses that Sarah and Joshuas story might contain the key to lucca's voice. Siena meets 2 new friends at Niellys pizza shop- Morgan and Sam.
Sarahs story led Siena to a little creak near the house- finding the key to Luccas voice. in the end they became a happy, warming family.
i definitely rate this book 5/5 stars because i love the suspense in this book. If you like suspense, mystery and fiction , then this is the book for you.
About the author:
Suzanne Lafleur was born in Boston in 1983. When she was in grade 4 at St.Johns school in Wellsley, she had to write a 5 line paragraph, but she wrote a five pages a day! She went to collage to get ready to be an author- she had a double major in English. She has visited Spain, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, Ireland, Mexico,France, and 25 states in the USA- hopes to visit all. Suzanne has only writen 2 other books, Eight keys and Love Aubrey.
Thanks for listening! I hope you enjoyed
By: Abby Lintner
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