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Education: Systems Analysis

No description

Aric Ho

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Education: Systems Analysis

Teaching students to read can help them have a better life. Seattle Public Schools:
4th graders can't read.
Reading is important.
What influences reading?
What can we do? EDUCATION TEAM 21% of Seattle 4th grade students don't read at their grade level. Seattle Public Schools

Vision: Every student achieving, everyone accountable. Mission: Enabling all students to achieve their potential through quality instructional programs and a shared commitment to continuous improvement The Stakeholders. Leverage Points The Players Students that can't read are not setup to succeed in life. Dropouts are more than twice as likely as high school graduates to slip into poverty 85% of juvenile offenders are functionally illiterate. The System Leverage Points Reading scores correlate to graduation rates. On average, dropouts make 25% of the income of a college graduate Schools Curriculum Designers Learning Support Businesses After School Programs The System Engaging in Learning Activities Other
Activities Engaging
with School After School Programs Instructional Resources for Parents Community Partnerships Parent / Teacher Partnerships Community Empowerment Helping with Homework
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