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NCSCOS 2.L.1.2

Katherine Brown

on 6 April 2013

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Transcript of Frogs!

The life cycle of Frogs! Stage 3:
Froglet The froglet has grown small legs, but still lives in the water. Froglet Later,
the froglet's legs and lungs have grown strong enough to live on land, Stage 4:
Adult Frog Fully developed and ready to live on land! Stage 2:
Tadpole When they hatch from there eggs,
tadpoles have
gills for breathing under water
a tail, but no legs Stage 1:
Egg Frogs lay thousands of eggs at one time in the water. There are 4 main stages
in the life cycle of a frog. Did you know... The eggs are covered with a jelly-like coating. Eggs As tadpoles grow, they begin to form lungs and eat algae. Still a and it loses its tail. A life cycle is the stages a creature goes through from its birth to the end of its life. What is a Life Cycle ?? What do adult frogs eat? Adult frogs eat bugs, such as: insects (flies and crickets)
worms Bigger frogs even eat small fish. What eats a frog? Here are just a few: Snakes
Dogs and cats
Big fish
Birds like hawks or seagulls What else do you think eats frogs? People! Many people around this area like to eat frog legs. That's
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